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So i am having trouble in getting active sky next to connect to my main fsx pc via simconnect. I know that simconnect is working because it works with pro atc x and the traffic.exe so i don't know what the problem is with ASN, when i first time loaded it i pointed ASN in the right direction like it asks you to do. When i load ASN on my client pc (one without fsx) all the bars at the top are greyed out and it continuously says initializing in the current activity area. Its all up to date and i have no idea what the problem is, i also followed that simconnect and AS guided but to no help.
Can anyone help


I use the flyinside software for VR flight simming but when I run ASN while using Flyinside I loose all the low level clouds. I can set low level clouds from within the weather menu in SIM but as soon as ASN is started I'll only get the cirrus clouds and no low level clouds.
After Flyinside is installed and starting P3Dv4 normally (without Flyinside) I still have no low level clouds.
However when I reinstalled P3Dv4.1 ASN works fine and I have all low level clouds again but as soon as I run Flyinside the clouds are gone and I will need to reinstall P3D all over again. (Clearing the shaders does not fix it or even installing just P3D client, I have also tried pasting a copy of the original shadersHLSL folder without success)
I haven't got any help from flyinside and some folks over there think its an ASN issue.
Anyone else seen this problem and can help.