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End your sweet tooth cravings and dessert needs by ordering sweets online at Sidco Foods and get them home-delivered within time across Dubai. +971 4 264 2247. Al Sharafi 1 Shop 9 Zaabeel St. Karama Opposite Karama Post Office, Dubai, UAE P.O Box 118025. 04 358 3023 [email protected] ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW. Celebrating occasions with a wide range of delicious cakes to share with your loved ones. We build high quality scripts for After Find Auntie Em’s Sweets on Facebook or Instagram and follow us today! Want to talk in person? Give us a call and leave a message with your information as well as what product you are interested in! We will get back to you by the end of the next business day! Email: [email protected]

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Al Sultan Sweets Story:
Al Sultan Sweets was established in Dubai, Middle East in 1997. Specializing in the production of Oriental and Arabic sweets & pastries of various products range.

Our success has allowed us to established a strong awareness in U.A.E Arabic Sweets & Pastry market through our 9 branches located in different Cities of the U.A.E.
Further our headquarter is located in Dubai which allows us to operate all branches easily.

Each pastry is made of healthy and organic products. Like Vegetable Margarine, Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios which are grown by passionate farmers choosing only highest standards for Al Sultan Sweets.

Proof of dedication and cleanliness, we are certified by the International Organization for Standardization.

Are Sweets Addictive

Our Achievements
For many reasons of excellence and creativity at the level of the confectionery industry, Al Sultan Sweets was granted many achievements within the regional and global markets, through which Al Sultan Sweets received international awards and certificates as

In addition to many high standard quality of Sweets certifications from different Countries.

- 2019 received the award and certificate of the best taste in the world (fine taste) from Brussels, Belgium.
- was awarded the 'Knight Shield of Quality' from the UAE as the best confectionery manufacturer in the Arab world.
- Won the prize - the Arab Creativity Shield - from the Arab League.

Apple installer download. Al Sultan Sweets was the first confectionery company to enter Guinness World Records for designing and making the largest mosaic plate made of oriental sweets in the world with a length of 120 meters and a total weight of 12012 tons with the number 606000 pieces of sweets.

All our products are carefully and freshly packaged in different forms of boxes according to each customer's desired orders.We further provide speccial gift boxes that can protect sweets for long distance travelling.

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Al Sultan Sweets has a continuous presence in most important local, regional and international exhibitions and conferences in countries such as:
- United Arab Emirates
- France
- Canada
- Germany
- Turkey
- Japan
- Russia
- Singapore
- South Africa

Participated Forums:
- Golf Food Exhibition (Dubai),
- Sial (Abu Dhabi),
- Anuga Exhibition (Germany),
- ISM Exhibition (Germany)
- Sial Exhibition (France)
- Sial Exhibition Canada
- Fancy Food Exhibition (USA)
- Mersin Food Exhibition (Turkey)
- Halal Expo (Turkey)
- Ward Food Exhibition (Russia)
- Tasty Food Exhibition (Sharjah),
- Sial (Japan)
- Food Exhibition - Singapore.

Are Sweets Bad For High Blood Pressure

Al Sultan Sweets' Eastern products are characterized by containing small amounts of sugar to combine the delight of sweets and health requirements being completely free of genetically modified materials - free from unhealthy colorings and substances.
Al Sultan Sweets was the first company to manufacture:
- Sugar-free diet sweets since 1998.
- Natural health and energy product made from 100% natural materials.
- Sweets sweetened with natural honey.

Global Partnerships
Al Sultan Sweets distributes its products in more than 40 countries.
Al Sultan Sweets branches and factories are located internatonally in:
- Middle East
- Turkey
- Sudan

By combining the real expertise, the right ingredients and the good method, We guarantee you great taste, the freshness and the flavor.

Al Sultan Sweets - The Sweet from Gold