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Anime drawing easy with color 2020 This is also unusual, because in the same great series “ToraDora”, the main character Taiga has a very significant design. He is immediately noticed and quickly recognized. Thanks to him, Taiga has a bunch of related products and even a hidden cameo in the Dengeki Bunko fighting game: Fighting Climax.

Beginner Guide to Drawing Anime & Manga 1. Make Light Line Drawings First. Draw using light lines first and then trace over them with darker lines once you are. Use Guide/Construction Lines. Use guide lines to help yourself draw. For example if you want to draw a symmetrical. How To Draw Manga & Anime Easily & Quickly Go from beginner to drawing excellent Manga & Anime characters with easy to follow tutorials. Rating: 4.0 out of 5 4.0 (296 ratings).

We always listen to your opinions. From the last comments, we realized that you really like to draw anime. That is why we created another guide on how to draw anime step by step.

Step 1

Anime Drawing Easy

Firstly, we need to outline the basic proportions of our character. We see a typical physique of a teenage student. The proportions are characterized by a rather large head, short stature, and a predominance of shoulder width over the width of the pelvis. The latter feature is quite typical for male figures in general.

Step 2

Anime Drawing Easy Ideas

Let’s prepare our markup for future work. First, draw two crossed lines inside the contour of the head. The horizontal line is the line of the eyes. A vertical line is a line that divides a face into two equal halves. Please note that the line of the eyes is much lower than the conditional midpoint.

After that, we connect the head and chest using a cylinder. From the middle of the neck, we draw two more oblique lines to the arms. Finally, we draw a hexagon instead of the oval of the pelvis and connect it to the chest with a pair of concave lines.

Step 3

Add the approximate contours of the limbs. Arms and legs look like thin, elongated cylinders that alternate with large joints. We decided to designate the joints as circles in this step. Sharp bends will make your character’s figure more athletic and athletic. Avoid sharp bends if you do not want to achieve this effect.

Step 4

Let’s outline the outline of facial features and hair. Already now you can look into our lessons about anime hair and anime face. We described these topics in great detail in these two lessons. Choose the appearance and hairstyle of the character to your taste. In those articles, we only list the basic principles of drawing. You can be creative if you want to do it.

Step 5

Now add some details to the body and legs of our character. In this step, we will not touch on small details. Our task is to outline large details such as a tie, collar, and contours of trousers. If you decide to draw more loose clothing, you should increase the discrepancy between the contours of clothing and the contours of the body.

Step 6

So we continue our guide on how to draw anime step by step. Now we depict the face and, especially, the eyes of our character. The vertical part of the eyes looks like a truncated vertical oval. Nose, mouth, and eyebrows are marked as small dashes. Free cisco ios. If you feel insecure about this tutorial, you can check out our anime head guide.

Manga Drawing

Step 7

We continue to clean our drawing. We remove excess lines from a business shirt and tie. We outline small folds. If you choose a different style of clothing, carry out the detailing in accordance with your ideas.

Step 8

In this step, we depict the final contours of the hands. Also, do not forget about the sleeves, which in our case are raised to the upper third of the forearm. To draw our character’s fingers, see our lesson on how to draw anime style hands.

Step 9


We remove all the extra lines from the trousers. In our case, these are strict tight-fitting trousers. If you painted looser clothes, you should apply a significant amount of vertical folds.

Step 10

We apply light shadows on the neck, hands, and clothes of our character. As you can see, the shadows are areas of light single-layer hatching. Shadows on clothes are located mainly next to the folds of fabric. By the way, do not forget to look into our special lesson about the basics of working with shadow and light.

Anime Drawing Easy Eyes

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