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  1. Aerial Screen Saver 6.1. Mar 20, 2017 17:08 EDT Hot! The new Apple TV comes with a gorgeous array of screen savers, and now you can get those awesome screen savers on Windows.
  2. IOS (and Apple TV) Inspired Aerial. Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac. A screensaver that looks like an Apple Watch. IOS Lockscreen for macOS. A screensaver that looks like the lockscreen on iPhone and iPad. Retro PongSaver. PongSaver is an macOS screensaver/clock which keeps time by using the score of a game of Pong.

Enjoy high-quality footage shot for Apple TV using this screensaver that will keep you up to date with an evergrowing stock of impressive videos

What's new in Aerial 6.1:

  • Does not display, saves crash files - fixed
  • Crash at start - fixed
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No wonder the palette of customizations you can try out on your PC seems inhibiting, what with the multitude of tweaks you can try your hand at. But with this variety comes a lot of fodders too, which you must browse through in order to find something valuable.

How to discover, what is the location in Apple TV screensaver?#appletv #apple.

The Github project Aerial is a free macOS screen saver that gives you the same Apple TV experience right on your Mac. To use it, head over to the project’s website and download the latest version. Apple TV Aerial Views This screensaver brings all of the screensavers included in the Apple TV media device, featuring aerial views of New York, San Francisco, China, Hawaii and other places (by day and/or night), to your Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows computer.

The same can be said about screensavers too. Even though usually their impact is limited to the visual side of things, it does not mean that they shouldn’t differentiate from one another, and this is precisely what an app such as Aerial Stronghold kingdoms login. is designed to do.

Packs high-quality footage shot for Apple TV

Before anything else, you must know that the program is based on the Apple TV aerial views screensaver, packing a visually impressive set of images shot by the Cupertino-based company all over the world, from New York to San Francisco and from Hawaii to China.

This very fact should be enough to raise some expectations regarding the quality of the images you will be prompted with on your desktop once you install the screensaver, and the chances are you will not be disappointed in the outcome.

Offers a series of customization options

Once you run the program, it will display dynamic shots moving at a decent speed in order to prevent eye strain, but it will most definitely be enough to catch your attention. Be it an urban scenery or a natural setting, it will prove that, quality-wise, the screensaver is flawless.

But besides its aesthetic value, the program comes with a series of tweaks you can apply in order to fully benefit from its goodies. To be more specific, if you are using multiple monitors, the program offers to play different aerials on each of them or run strictly on the main screen.

Other than that, it is also great that it can synchronize with the time of day and prioritize videos based on their theme. This way, there will be no inconsistencies between natural light and what your desktop is showing.

Screensaver bringing you a stunning visual experience

On an ending note, Aerial is an enticing solution if you want your screen to display high-quality videos when idle. It features footage shot by Apple for their Apple TV, with the array of sceneries being quite large, which guarantees that it is quite improbable to easily get bored with it.

In case you want to enjoy the screensaver on your OS X device, Aerial for Mac OS is also available for download.

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Apple aerial screensaver 2017 macAerial was reviewed by Anca Roman
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Aerial 6.1

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Use the stunning drone videos recorded for the 4th generation Apple TVs as your screensaver, with this small, open source application

What's new in Aerial For Windows 0.6:

  • Added option to play movie on one random screen
  • Added option to switch off screens after a configurable interval
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When the 4th generation Apple TVs were rolled out, they included a collection of truly impressive screensavers recorded in various locations from around the world, such as San Francisco, Hawaii and China, and even more have been added since.

Whether or not you own an Apple TV, you may have wondered if there is a way to bring these screensavers to your PC; the answer is yes, and it is quite easy to boot. With Aerial For Windows, you can enjoy them on your desktop in just a couple of minutes.

Set everything up quicker than you can order an Apple TV

This application was inspired by a similar project for OS X devices by John Coates, which can also be downloaded from Softpedia. The two apps are quite similar, with a few minor differences that will be detailed later.

Apple Aerial Screensaver

Essentially, you just need to run the installer and set Aerial For Windows as your new screensaver. While there are some advanced settings you can play around with, the initial setup is as simple as can be.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by these recordings

Apple Aerial Screensaver 2017 Mac

Once you have seen the screensaver for the first time, there is a good chance you will never want to go back to work again. In the end, you can just you can just use your PC as a dedicated Aerial machine and get a new computer for less important things.

The videos depict scenes from cities and less-populated areas from around the world, recorded using high-flying drones and played in slow motion. There are quite a few of them, too, so don’t expect them to get boring anytime soon.

Offers some interesting features, but lacks a pretty important one

Some of the videos were recorded during daytime and others at night, and this app can select the ones to be played based on the local time of day. Moreover, it offers support for multiple-monitor setups, and it can either play the same video or a different one on each screen.

While you can just stream the videos if you don’t have enough free disk space, I recommend that you let the app cache the movies. Not only will you ensure smoother playback this way, but you will also cut down on Internet traffic.

The one feature I would have liked to see included is the ability to disable certain videos when configuring the screensaver; this is possible in the Mac version of the app, and I hope the feature will be added to this Windows version too.

If you have taken a look at the screenshots, you should know that the screensaver itself is much more impressive. If you are still not convinced, just download Aerial For Windows and give it a try, as it takes no more than a couple of minutes to get everything set up.

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Apple Aerial Screensaver 2017 Download

Catalin Chelariu

Apple Aerial Screensaver Download

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Aerial For Windows 0.6

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