Apple Keychain To Lastpass



  1. Using Google Smart Lock or Apple's Keychain is certainly better than reusing weak passwords. Since Bitwarden does just about everything LastPass does with potentially cheaper family.
  2. LastPass is a long-standing password manager in the industry that is now facing competition from Apple’s iCloud Keychain password manager which was recently released for Chromium-based browsers, including Google Chrome. So how do these two password managers stack against each other?
  3. First download and log in to LastPass. In Safari, open up Preferences and click Passwords. Copy-paste any stored logins to new entries in the LastPass vault. Once you’ve transferred your existing credentials, open System Preferences and click iCloud, then uncheck Keychain.
  4. 1) Open Keychain Access on your Mac. You can launch the tool from your Applications Utilities folder or by popping “Keychain Access” into Spotlight. 2) Select the items on the left that you want to export by choosing one of the Keychains at the top and a Category at the bottom.

If you use more than Apple products in your work or day-to-day life, it may a good idea to switch to a more universal password manager like LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane. Unfortunately, if your iCloud Keychain is already filled with your login credentials, you’ll have to export them to your password manager of choice.

How do I import passwords from other sources into LastPass?

If you are coming to LastPass from another password manager, you may already have spent a considerable amount of time storing your user names, passwords, and other data within that program or web browser. To assist with this transition, you have the ability to import your stored data seamlessly into LastPass.

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LastPass announced a few days ago they are going to limit the device type for free account. While I am totally supportive for the move and have been a paying customer for a few years until recently, I now have more motivation to move my password to iCloud Keychain. My devices are mostly in the Apple ecosystem due to work, and it has been quite time consuming for me to switch between my work password profile (iCloud Keychain) and my personal password profile (LastPass). So, I want to give it a try to live on only iCloud Keychain.

There seems to be no tool which can help me import my passwords stored in LastPass to iCloud Keychain directly, but thanks to this post from 2018 by Suparn Gupta I was inspired. In this post, I will summarize the steps that I tried and verified working, as of the time of writing.

Step 1: Export a csv from LastPass

Open the LastPass vault in a browser. Go to Advanced Options ->Export.

LastPass will then prompt for master password, we can save the csv file after providing it. I am going to assume we save the csv in ~/Downloads/lastpass_export.csv

Step 2: Install FireFox

If you don’t have FireFox installed, download it from here and install it.

Step 3: Create a FireFox profile

Sync icloud keychain lastpass

For first time FireFox user, we will need a profile for the later steps to work. Click on the profile icon and Sign in to FireFox – this will lead us to create an account or login. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a FireFox account.

Step 4: Use ffpass to import the passwords from csv to FireFox

ffpass is a tool written in Python. Before you can start using it, it is required to install Python 3.6 or above first. I found this tutorial quite straightforward for Python newbies.

One you have Python installed, first make sure you have closed FireFox. Then, open Terminal and execute the following.

This will import the passwords to FireFox. You can open FireFox again and go to any website which requires login to check.

Step 5: Import passwords in Safari from FireFox

Finally, we can now go to Safari. To import the passwords from FireFox, go to File->Import From->Firefox…

Apple Password Vs Lastpass

Now that Safari has the imported passwords, the last thing we want to make sure is the passwords are synced to iCloud. For that we need to enable iCloud keychain syncing for all devices. Typically this is on for most users. In case you want to check, this help article from Apple has comprehensive instructions for all devices.