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VEED.IO Automatic Caption Feature. VEED is a simple online video editor. One of the most recent features they have added is the ability to automatically generate Subtitles & Captions from video audio using AI. The software takes the audio from your video file and then generates text and timecodes. Launch the software and add the video file to the software. Click on the “Edit” button and then proceed to the “Subtitle” tab. Click the “Add subtitle file” button and browse for file for the video. After this, click the “T” button to bring out the window in which you can change the subtitle font to your desired style. I saw something about Premiere eventually having this built-in. That would be nice.d file, and make edits to the captions in Premiere. YouTube has a similar feature but file doesn't format as well in Premiere. I saw something about Premiere eventually having this built in. That would be nice.

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One of the problems these days when you’re looking for subtitles to play with an AVI or DivX video file, is there are so many different releases around and they all have different lengths, different frame rates or encoding/decoding methods which can slightly speed up or slow down the video. When you find a subtitle that appears to be the correct one, it doesn’t quite look right with the text lines not appearing when they should, and coming in too early, too late, or drifting out of sync gradually throughout the video.

  • Developer Response, You can add / edit your subtitles, Just-click on the boxes in the ‘edit subtitles’ page. Transcription service will make a great transcribing results only with a good audio quality videos. You can add subtitles manually to a missing places.
  • Best Srt Editing free download - VivaVideo - Best Video Editor & Photo Movie Maker, Best Image Editing, Foxit PhantomPDF Business, and many more programs.

Free tools are available like SubDownloader, SubiT and Sublite which are great programs to search for subtitle files that will work correctly and sync with your movie file. However, these tools rely on other people to upload and add the records first, then only it will you be shown the search results. Otherwise it’ll say that it cannot find the correct subtitle for the movie.

There are times we are not able to find the correct subtitle file that syncs with a movie file from subtitle websites or even using software. When this happens, there are two options. First one is to wait for a few days and hope that the correct subtitle will be uploaded. Another option is to download the subtitle that’s out of sync and synchronize the subtitles with your movie yourself. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and we have 6 tools here to easily adjust the SRT or SUB subtitle file to synchronize better with the movie file.

1. SubtitlesSynch

SubtitlesSynch is a small and easy to use tool that enables the user to synchronize the time of a subtitle (.sub/.srt) file by entering the time difference between the video and the subtitle file giving you a new subtitle file synchronized with your video.

It automatically open with the previous selected subtitle file and has an option to synchronize only for a specific time slice (good for commercial breaks). The program interface itself is pretty much self explanatory. Load the subtitle file, if the subtitle is slower than the movie character is speaking, then you need to select “Add time” and set the time offset in seconds and milliseconds, minutes and hours probably won’t be required. If the subtitle is too fast, then select “Reduce time” to slow down the subtitle.

2. Easy Subtitles Synchronizer

This is a much more advanced utility and as well as containing several options to repair, synchronize and adjust your subtitle files, Easy Subtitles Synchronizer can also allow inserting and editing of individual lines of subtitle text. This can be achieved with the option to load the video file the subtitle is for so the lines can be checked against the video without leaving the program.

Go to File -> Open Subtitle File to load an SRT or SUB file for editing and if the video file has a matching name excluding extension, it can be loaded as well. It can also be loaded manually. Then you have the ability to adjust several timing options from the tabs, including; the time of the first and last subtitles, manual synchronization of specific subtitles, move or change the starting point, extend the full duration and manually or automatically set the frames-per-second for the file. There’s also around 10 fixes that can be applied for common issues.

3. Subtitle Workshop

What will make Subtitle Workshop a valuable tool for many users is the sheer amount of subtitle file types it supports, around 30 different formats can be loaded in, edited and saved out again. In addition to editing, there are other powerful options such as spell checking and translating the text between different languages, and a search option which opens a page at with the query results.

The options to adjust and synchronize the subtitles are found in the the Edit -> Timings menu and there are several to choose from. The simple menu option to shift the subtitles forwards or backwards in time by 100 milliseconds might be all that’s required for some users, although you can also manually or automatically set duration limits, expand or reduce on screen display times, more precise control over inserting positive or negative delay times and adjust the time between the first and last spoken lines. All of those options can be applied to all or just selected subtitles. The video file itself can be opened in the window for a more visual inspection of the accuracy of your adjustments.

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Several “free” tools would not work unless you donate something. Shame on their authors. The simplest tool SubtitlesSynch works best!

Ferry3 months ago

Another one, which is online so it doesn’t require installation… The functionality is very limited, but it does the job if you need to adjust all the subtitles with the same time diff.


This online tool is the best! Thanks for the idea!

Ciarli10 months ago

I tried aegis and it wasnt comfortable! easy sync it was better if the video interface it could be improved!


Excellent (incomplete) list. Maybe try Aegisub found at

“Aegisub is a free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles. Aegisub makes it quick and easy to time subtitles to audio, and features many powerful tools for styling them, including a built-in real-time video preview.”

Jim Potyoposin2 years ago

no Aegisub doesn’t have the most basic weapon of all. adjust all subtitles with dirst spoken and last spoken like other programs. It is unacceptable that the program maker did not notice this


out of the hundreds of rips I’ve encountered over the years only one time the subs were so out of sync that the first and last spoken word retiming would help. 99.9% of the time the timing is correct it’s just out of sync due to particular subs not matching a particular rip. Aegisub would be fine for most cases.

George2 years ago

anyways, Aegist is a piece of crap as it doesn’t support binary sub

ReplyBest App For Editing Srt

Sadly it hasnt been updated for a long time and it now has a glitch where needed controls just show as dots and you can’t adjust the granularity of the audio field anymore. It was fantastic till recently. Maybe if you have an older computer and OS. Certainly this is the case for Macs. Not sure about PCs

Bob2 years ago

SubtitlesSynch works perfectly. Simple to use. Small size. Excellent app!


Thank you, you’re the best <3

Sergi5 years ago

I use this simple webapp to recalculate the timestamps of a SRT file:
Some of the alternatives exposed in this article are also interesting for more complex tasks related to subtitles. Thanks for this article!


Not free. Free is the point of the article.

Jens6 years ago

This article misses BatchSubtitlesConverter from It allows mass FPS adjustment. It works unlike Subtitle framerate changer which produces junk for some files.


Very well explained and useful reply. Thank you!

SubSync7 years ago

You can use our site to sync a bad-synced subtitle in your language based on a good-synced subtitle in ANY language.

Best App For Editing Text

All you need to do is to find one good-synced subtitle in any language and to go to .

The service is given absolutely for free. You can also visit for more information.



Best App For Editing Srt Files

OMFG where have you been my entire life?

this site is awesome

Elson Fróes6 years ago

Wonderfull solution SubSync! Thank you!


Crazy good stuff on . Done it in a minute. THX

Daniel5 years ago rulez, can’t believe how simple and fast it was. Definitely the best sollution I’ve seen, no installation needed, perfect!


your site was so goods.
But your sites can not sync now. Why?
If you was good result as before times, I want to use with fees.

Dave2 years ago is now for sale and links are paid-for ads. The original subs sync function is no longer available.



Matthew Dunn8 years ago

Free (Creative Commons) Excel utility to handle SRT file here:


thank you very much, works like a charm!

dinusha11 years ago



Thanks, it helped me.

TzU13 years ago

Great….finally I can use any subtitles i wish…Thanks.


thanks for the VLC tip :)

Jonney2714 years ago

Cool !!!!!


I use km player its much better at synchronizing then vlc

Zepx14 years ago

VLC, for watching is okay, but not for permanent sub.


This is interesting we are right in the middle of a video project.
I think this is certainly worth a try especially for the subtitling aspect of it…
Great resource!

asdf14 years ago

I use VLC, and the easiest way is to use ctrl+j and ctrl+h to set the subtitles delay in real time. Also, you can use ctrl+k and ctrl+l if the audio is out of sync. Very easy.


Best App For Editing Srt Movies

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Hi! I downloaded some .srt files for my movies from a subtitle website. When I watched the video, I found the subtitles are ahead of the video by 2 seconds. I want to adjust the subtitles so that the audio and texts are in sync. Also, the movie has English and non-English parts. I’d like to delete the subtitles of the non-English portion. Is there any reliable .srt file editor that can do this?

Yes, there is. But before the long guide for editing .srt file, let’s get started with what SRT is first. A file with .srt extension is a type of file that contains subtitles encoded in SubRip format. To put it simply, if we want to add our own words to display over the screen, we can create an .srt file with Notepad or Wordpad on your computer. The words will show onscreen synced with the speakers. This kind of file holds not only the text but all the subtitle information, for example, the sequential number of subtitles and the start and end timecodes. Remember to create a backup of the .srt file before starting to edit. Once we mess them up, there is still a chance to restore the original file.

Best Tools to Edit .srt File

Video Converter Studio

Most video converter programs have a basic video editing feature. Video Converter Studio is one of them and it is much more advanced when it comes to editing the subtitle file for movies. It can change the font style, adjust the size, color and effect. It even offers 48 subtitle styles you can choose from for the subtitles. There is a player in which you can preview the subtitles in the video. Here are the steps you need to follow to edit .srt subtitles.

Launch the software and add the video file to the software. Click on the “Edit” button and then proceed to the “Subtitle” tab. Click the “Add subtitle file” button and browse for the .srt file for the video. After this, click the “T” button to bring out the window in which you can change the subtitle font to your desired style. Press “Ok” if you are satisfied with the result and you will be directed to the main window of subtitle. After that, drop-down “Style” and select the one you want to use for the subtitles. You can adjust the transparency and position of the subtitles by moving the slider. If you want to preview the subtitles, click the “Play” button on the left player to check it. In order to save the changes you’ve made, click the “Ok” button and hit the “Convert” button to allow the software to create a new version of the video on your computer.

Other key features available:

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  1. Video Converter: convert audio/video between different formats and export them to different devices.
  2. Split Screen: put multiple videos on one screen.
  3. MV Maker: create videos with photos and music.
  4. Video Downloader: download videos from the Internet with high quality.
  5. Screen Recorder: record onscreen video/audio with different modes.

Subtitle Workshop

Another .srt file editor we can use is the Subtitle Workshop. This one is a free application available to create, edit and convert subtitle files on cross platforms. It has a user-friendly interface and it gives users more freedom to customize the interface and shortcuts. With it, you can also set the timing of your .srt file and match it with the audio. Aside from its ability to edit text, the app rectifies the wrong spelling it detects. If you want to know how to edit .srt subtitles on this desktop software, keep reading.

Run the program and navigate to “File” > “Load Subtitle” to insert the .srt file you want to edit. Go to “Movie” > “Open” and select the corresponding video file. Now, you’re ready to edit your subtitle. Click on “Edit” and then choose from Timings, Texts, Subtitles, or Translation. From there, you can adjust the text on each line.

Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is a good .srt subtitle editor in correcting your .srt files. Characterized with an intuitive interface, you can start to edit the subtitle, for example, visually edit subtitle to make it sync with the movie, insert additional text, arrange the original file, delete the subtitles that you do not want to show in the video and check the spelling mistakes. There are two days to view the files on the software: List mode and Source mode. If you want to do a comprehensive edit on the subtitles, you can choose the List mode as it has the editing box alongside the subtitle. Keep reading to know how to edit .srt subtitles in this software.

Best App For Editing Srt File

Run the program and click “Insert new subtitle” to add an .srt file. Click “Video” > “Open video file” to import the corresponding video. Once loaded, you’ll see that the video is playing together with the subtitle. Select the subtitle line you want to edit and right-click on it to get the editing tools available. When you are done, hit “File” and then save it as a .srt file.


If you don’t want to download additional software on your computer, you can use Notepad, which is a basic text editor you can depend on to edit .srt file. Especially when you think you should add some of your own words to the subtitles, you can use Notepad.

Best App For Editing Srt Videos

Open the .srt file in Notepad, you will see the start time and end time of each subtitle line as well as the subtitles. Highlight the time, phrases and punctuation. Change the time and phrases. Do not change the punctuation. Click “File” > “Save as” and choose .srt file extension from it to preserve the changes you made to the original .srt file.