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Castle Games are games about building and destroying fortified structures, strongholds or fortresses. With our top selection of the best free castle games online, here at, you will be in charge of the defense and protection of your own stronghold. Castles can be built using Minecraft blocks, Lego bricks or just simply with sand. They often evoke fantasies of chivalry, royalty and warfare. In our fun, new 2 player games, you will get to blow apart your opponent's fortress before they do the same to yours.

Castle Building Games For Pc

Play as a heroic knight in our awesome addicting castle games trying to scale that impressive building and free the princess within. Fight zombies and creepers in Minecraft and defend your castles against forces dead set on destroying it. Choose one of our crazy exciting 2 player war games where you use catapults and bombs to turn your opponent's fortress into a pile of rubble. Lay siege to your enemy's stronghold with the use of catapults, fiery projectiles or even bombs. But you can also protect your castle against their attacks with archers, turrets and all kinds of defensive technology in our selection of fun multiplayer online games.

  1. Castle Building games online involving the construction of a medieval city are a fun way to learn about the middle ages, an historical period where castles were built and kingdoms were forged. These hand picked pc games will immerse you in medieval times while you can construct various building structures, defenses, conduct wars and sieges.
  2. The games are: 1- Stronghold 1 HD2- Stronghold Crusader HD3- Stronghold 2Hands down my top 3 favorite strategy games of all time, i still play them to this. - Destroy your opponents while defending your castle to become King of the realm! Here is a collection of our top castle games for you to play. These include the famous Empire Tower Defense, the extremely addictive Tower Defence, the ultra fun Kingdom Defense and 89 more! Play the best free Castle Games on

Over the last few years, there has been released many strategy games and it becomes harder each day to navigate yourself through them in order to find one of a specific type.

Personally for me, I have experienced this problem with castle building games. I have been looking for them and have not found any page that could help me to find this specific kind of games easily and within seconds.

Therefore, I have created this list of best castle building games to sum up my discoveries from a thorough research of forums, game marketplaces, and other pages on the web.

Hope you will find something for yourself and if you have any good suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below, I want to make this page a complete guide for everybody who is looking for castle building games.

Stronghold Legends

Stronghold Legends tends to be the most recognizable castle building game and you are likely to know what this is. But for those who find it novel, Stronghold Legends is a real-time strategy with elements of fantasy which takes place in medieval times.

The game features three different fractions and every one of them has their unique abilities and troops: King Arthur (Alliance of Light), Vlad Dracula (Forces of Darkness), and Siegfried of Xanten (Powers of Cold).

In the game, you can play a single player campaign for one of these fractions, multiplayer mode which has the diverse option of styles, or a single player. During the game, players build their own castles, develop economics, and create the army. In order to win, they need to kill the king or capture the castle of the enemy.


The second best castle building game is Banished.

A group of wanderers in exile left with a pack of supplies decide to build their own settlement.

You are the leader and the person responsible for the growth and prosperity of the land. It is up to you to manage people and decide how to keep them fed, healthy, and happy.

Age of Empires II HD

Age of Empires II HD Edition is a remastered version of a well-known strategy released two decades ago.

The game features exact historic events of the Middle Ages and allows to choose one of eighteen civilizations that were fighting for world domination back then.

The main objective of the gameplay is to develop your economy by gathering resources and building castles and to create a powerful army in order to conquer the enemies.

Age of Empires II HD includes fascinating campaigns that will teach you history as well as single games that you can play either by yourself or with friends.

Kingdoms and Castles

The next castle building game gathered all the best qualities of Stronghold, Banished, and Simcity (a city builder). In Kingdoms and Castles, you need to transform a small settlement into a powerful and high-yielding kingdom.

Viking invasions, dragons, and fierce winters are going to step on your way. Can you deal with it?

Castle Building Games Steam

Play on to find out.


CastleStorm is the first castle building game on that list which is not a real-time strategy. I thought you might be interested in diversifying your gaming experiences, so I am happy to introduce you a 2D tower defense which brings us to the eternal confrontation of medieval times between Vikings and Knights.

It has many modes such as a story, multiplayer, cooperative that can be mixed with a variety of exciting challenges.

Now let me tell you what its gameplay is all about.

First and foremost, you need to build your own castle and you’d better do it wisely as this will have a massive impact on the results of battles. The second part of your success depends on how you perform on the battlefield where you need to manage troops and cast powerful spells in order to destroy your enemy, capture the flag, or whatever the victory objective you have predetermined.

Heroes of Might & Magic VII

This is the seventh installment of a famous turn-based strategy game, Heroes of Might & Magic.

As well as in any other game of the series, I assume you have played in the third part, you need to turn on your strategic thinking in order to defeat all of the enemies.

The gameplay consists of three main elements:

  1. A player moves his “hero” on a map in order to capture new territories and gather resources and useful artifacts.
  2. On his way, he can face his opponents or hostile units. This leads to a battle mode where players can move every figure in their army once per turn.
  3. Lastly, as this list is all about best castle building games, players need to build their own castles. The better the castle you have, the stronger your army will be.

Heroes of Might & Magic VII has a single player campaign and multiplayer capabilities where you can play either online or on the same PC controlling your “heroes” one by one.

Warcraft III

Warcraft III is a real-time strategy which takes place in a fantasy world.

As well as in any other RTS game, you need to gather resources, create an army, and build castles in order to outperform enemies and conquer them.

The best thing about this game is four different fractions with compelling campaigns to each of them:

Castle building games pc
  1. Humans
  2. Elves
  3. Orcs
  4. Undead

In addition to this, Warcraft III also features a multiplayer mode where you can play various types of scenarios with your friends.

Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers is a sandbox castle building game where a player spawns on a randomly generated planet with a lot of resources to be mined in order to assemble new buildings and mechanical devices that will help to siege the enemies.

It is almost like Minecraft of medieval times but with better graphics.

The game has two modes: survival and creative. While in the creative mode everything is pretty simple, a player has unlimited resources, can build any types of constructions with no delay and can fly, in the survival you start from scratch and need to do everything by yourself to survive: mine resources, unlock new constructions by making a research, and build your own castle.

Medieval Engineers has both single player and multiplayer options.

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This game is a castle builder that I admire the most.

Castle building games for mac

Instead of being another warfare, it focuses on organic city development and monument creation. Thus, it gives an opportunity to release your creativity to the fullest potential and create buildings with your own unique design.

Besides that, you also need to set up a proper resource management system and production in order to grow the economy and make your settlers happy.

Conan Unconquered

The last but not least title on this list of best castle building games is Conan Unconquered.

This is a real-time strategy with elements of survival where you need to build a castle and create a powerful army in order to resist the invasion of hordes of Hyboria that attack your castle wave after wave becoming stronger each time.

In addition to that, Conan Unconquered also has a co-op mode where you can fight side by side with your friends.

In conclusion, although this is not a complete list of best castle building games, I did my best in order to share my finding on that topic.

Inevitably, there are chances that I have missed a title that deserves space here, but right now these games are the best castle builders for me. So please let me know if I did so. I will check it out and revisit this article in case it truly has a right to be here.

Hope I helped you to find a game and you are about to start building your own castle right now.

Thanks for reading!