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If you have recently bought a Chromecast device and now you are looking for a guide to use it then you are landed on the right page. So, first of all, let me tell you about the Chromecast extension and then we will discuss how to download and install it. This is a free extension that installs on your chrome browser and lets you cast chrome browser`s tabs to your Chromecast device.

This can also help you cast videos from youtube, Vimeo, twitch or from any other website directly to your TV. Not only this but using this extension you can also display any type of website to a group of your friends or people with ease.

Chrome web store

What is Actually Required To Download Chromecast Extension?

To install this extension you need a chrome browser to be installed on your pc. Chrome browser is a free web browser offered by Google. For now, you can only download Chromecast extension on chrome browser.

It does not support other browsers like firefox, safari, internet explorer and others. However, the android version of firefox now lets you watch internet videos on your Chromecast device plugged on your tv. But for desktop, follow the below steps to install this extension successfully.

A brief guide to download and install Chromecast Extension

Step-1 The very first thing you need to do is to download the chrome browser. Follow this link to go to a web page where you can download chrome browser for free.

Simply click on the download chrome button and wait for a few seconds before it starts downloading. Once you are done, move to the next step. If you already have a chrome browser then simply skip this step.

Step-2 Now it’s time to download google Chromecast extension (The official name of Chromecast). Head over to this link, this link will redirect you to the exact page where you can download this free extension. You need to add this extension by clicking on the button add to chrome.

Once it is installed, you will see a little green icon at the right top corner of your browser.

Step-3 Done both steps? Now you are ready to cast web pages as well as videos from your pc to Chromecast. To do this, simply head to any webpage you want to cast and then click on the little green icon at the right top corner. When you do this, you will also be asked about which Chromecast you want to cast.

And if you want to stop casting, click again on the green little icon at the corner and then it will be stopped after a few seconds.

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Using Chromecast In Firefox For Android

As I mentioned above, now you can also cast internet videos from firefox for android using Chromecast. Here is a short guide about it:

  • First of all, connect your Chromecast device on the same wifi as your android device.
  • Open Chromecast from your android device and then go to the website that has videos. Play any video you like.
  • Tap on send to icon this option either appears on the address bar or on the video player
  • From sent to device menu choose the Chromecast and that’s it.
  • It will take some time to play video on your TV.
  • You can control the video like pause, resume or stop the video directly from your android device. You can see the controls for the videos at the bottom of your android device’s screen

Chromecast Extension For Chrome

Final Thoughts

Did you see how easy it is to download Chromecast extension and cast videos as well? I hope you like this guide and if you face any problem then ask us in the comment box.

Other bridge downloads



Google Chromecast Extension


Chromecast Extension Download

  • Clicking the toolbar button will open the popup, but depending on the context, it may not be possible to cast anything.

    As a last resort, casting the tab or screen may provide a means of displaying this media on the Chromecast, but it has its own limitations: the performance is very poor and there's no audio casting.

  • Why do I need the bridge?

    Access to TCP/UDP sockets.

    Network discovery for Chromecast devices relies on mDNS, the implementation of which is reliant on being able to send UDP packets. Communication with the Chromecast device itself relies on a TCP connection. The current workaround is to offload that work to a native companion application that the extension can then launch and communicate with.

    It's possible that this functionality will be re-exposed to extensions, in which case the bridge will be made redundant:

  • How do I completely remove the bridge?

    • Windows

      Removing the bridge on Windows should be as easy as running the uninstaller (C:Program Filesfx_castuninstaller.exe) found in the control panel or settings application.

      To manually uninstall, remove the following files/folders and registry keys:

      • C:Program Filesfx_cast
      • HKLMSoftwareMozillaNativeMessagingHostsfx_cast_bridge
      • HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallfx_cast_bridge
    • macOS

      Remove the following files/folders:

      • /Library/Application Support/fx_cast/
      • /Library/Application Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts/fx_cast_bridge.json
    • Linux

      On Debian-based systems, remove the fx-cast-bridge package, otherwise remove the fx_cast_bridge package.

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      To manually uninstall, remove the following files/folders:

      • /opt/fx_cast/
      • /usr/lib/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/fx_cast_bridge.json OR
      • /usr/lib64/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/fx_cast_bridge.json
  • Why is there no sound when casting a screen or tab?

    API limitations. There's no method of obtaining the audio streams. Merging of audio streams from remote media is also not possible due to cross-origin issues.

  • Why doesn't 𝑥 site work?

    Compatibility with Chrome is far from perfect. Most sites will only enable their cast support if the browser reports itself as Chrome. Ensure that you've added the site to the whitelist. Some sites may not test their Chrome-specific code with Firefox, so it's possible that they're using incompatible/non-standard APIs.

    The API is also not fully implemented and is missing some methods (mostly queue management). The current implementation likely also has edge-cases and bugs which may cause issues.

    Check the compatibility list or if it's missing, submit a new compatibility report issue.

  • Why can't I cast DRM-encumbered media?

    Unforunately, for DRM-encumbered media, there's no network-accessible URL to provide to the Chromecast and no means of accessing the media streams. The only way to cast on sites like this is via built-in Chromecast support (look for a cast button), which may not always be available.

  • Why is it taking so long for a full release?

    Though I do enjoy working on this, it's (obviously) not a full-time thing. It's just a hobby project. You can help speed up development by contributing (see below).

  • How can I support development?

    Contributing code, translations, compatibility reports, or even reporting bugs is very helpful. See the contributing guide for more information.

    You can also donate via PayPal: