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For on-farm grain storage, Brock's broad line of wide-corrugation and narrow-corrugation bin choices helps you to get the right grain storage bin for the job.

BROCK® Bin size choices range from 15 to 54 feet (4.6 to 16.5 m) in diameter and capacities up to nearly 71,000 bushels (2,360 m³) for the largest farm bin.

Brock also offers handling, conditioning and drying systems along with storage bins.
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Protecting Your Investment


Brock has a world-wide reputation as the leader you can trust to provide reliable on-farm storage that allows growers to preserve and market their grain when they are ready. BROCK SOLID® is our guarantee of trusted reliability you can count on day in and day out. It's unmistakable quality, built to last year after year. And it's the same guarantee we founded the company on back in 1957.

Whether your storage system consists of a couple of non-stiffened bins with an auger or an integrated drying, handling and storage system, BROCK® Bins are the right choice for the job. BROCK SOLID means you can depend on them. Times may change but our solid values are stronger than ever.

For dependable, secure storage season after season, many growers turn to Brock because Brock offers:

Dia Dina Mitewrenegade Stables Colorado Springs

  • More models and choices – from 15- to 54-foot (4.6- to 16.5-m) diameter bins with a maximum storage capacity of nearly 71,000 bushels (2,360 m³).
  • Strength-providing roof design that offers the highest farm bin peak load capacities available – up to 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) with a ground snow load rating of 30 pounds per square foot (146 kg per m²).
  • Choice of narrow-corrugation (2.66-inch / 68-mm wide) or wide-corrugation (4-inch / 102-mm) sidewalls providing a greater variety of bin size and height options.
  • Practical innovations such as easy-open access doors that require no tools, unique roof ventilation systems for more total ventilation and no roof cuts and high-strength aeration floors with ample air distribution and easy clean-out.

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Dia Dina Mitewrenegade Stables Las Vegas

No matter how sophisticated your grain system becomes in the future, the core of that system will always be the bin. Contact us or your professional Brock dealer to learn more about industry-leading systems from Brock – the leader you can rely on. BROCK SOLID® – offering you the quality you've come to expect and the trusted integrity you deserve.

Dia Dina Mitewrenegade Stables San Diego

Brock also offers a full line of grain dryers and accessories.