Edrawing Viewer 2017

  1. By placing a marker, an eDrawings mobile user can open their model in AR mode to ‘see’ the design in the real world. Rich eDrawings API. Enables you to customize the eDrawings Viewer, create interactive web pages, and translate files. View Mass Properties. View physical attributes of mechanical parts, such as weight and volume.
  2. Download eDrawings Viewer and eDrawings Publisher. Download eDrawings: This download wizard will download the eDrawing viewer and optionally download eDrawings.

Autodesk DWG TrueView 2017 is a free tool for viewing CAD files in DWG and DXF format.

Starting with eDrawings 2019, the measure tool is available in the free version of eDrawings Viewer. So if you are unable to activate the Measure tool, check to see if that the release is 2018 or older. You can do this by going to Help About eDrawings. SolidWorks offers complete 3D software tools that are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better.

The program can also convert DWG files to formats suitable for earlier versions of Autocad. This might be useful if someone's sent you a file which you're trying to open in another CAD program which doesn't fully support the latest formats. Memoirs of a geisha 123movies.

This isn't a regular lightweight viewer; the download is over 600MB and a full installation needs approaching 1GB of hard drive space. But even if it takes a while, installation is at least easy, with no registration or other hassles.

The interface looks intimidating, at least initially, its ribbon displaying a host of file handling, layer, measurement, snapping and other options. But fortunately you don't have to understand most of that.

Click Open, choose one or more files and they all open in tabs.

Click and drag to pan, and spin the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Choose a surface on the 'ViewCube' (the navigation tool top-right) and click and drag to spin the model in 3D space.

Click 'DWG Convert' to save the file using an older version of the format.

Use the Plot option to print your file, or Export to save it as a PDF.


An accurate and reliable DWG/ DXF viewer. Measurement tools help you extract dimensions, and the file conversion and export options are another big plus.

General Information

System Requirements

32-bit: Windows 7 and XP Professional
64-bit: Windows 7, 8 and 10
NX 1899, NX 1926, NX 1953, NX 1957 & NX 1961

eDrawings Installation for a Standalone Machine

  • Download and run the installer. If any of the supported version of NX is installed, the eDrawings installer automatically detects them.
  • If no supported version of NX is detected, the installation defaults to the eDrawings Viewer.
  • eDrawings menu and toolbar do not appear if NX is running during installation. Restart NX to display the eDrawings menu.

Using eDrawings for NX

  • eDrawing for NX setup installs an eDrawings menu in File > Export menu item for NX. It also adds an eDrawings toolbar.
  • Open a part/assembly/drawing file in NX and click on eDrawings > Publish button on the toolbar to publish your NX model as an eDrawing file.

Command Line Installation

  • Unzip/extract the installation exe to any convenient directory location
  • Open a command prompt and browse to the location of the extracted files
    msiexec /i “< >” [Mandatory Parameters] [Optional Parameters] /qn

Required Parameters

  • ISCMDINSTALL=1 (for silent installation)
  • INSTALLLEVEL : =50, if only the eDrawings Viewer is to be installed. In this case, the variable INSTALLDIR is not required; =100, if both, the eDrawings Viewer and Publisher are to be installed.
  • INSTALLDIR : The directory location to install eDrawings for NX to.
  • NXM1DIR : Point to the NX installed ROOT directory.

Optional Parameters

  • EDVIEWER : The directory where eDrawings Viewer needs to be installed to.
  • NODEKEY : Configure the Node-locked Licence Key.
  • FLOATLIC : For a floating license setup, point to the license server. e.g. [email protected]
  • User needs to make an entry, $EDRWUG_INSTALL_DIR in the file<<UGINSTALLATION>>UGIImenuscustom_dir.dat, pointing to the UG load points for all supported Unigraphics installations

eDrawings Deployment for CAD Server

For a single CAD server multiple client setup, eDrawings for NX can be deployed on the CAD server itself. The client machines needs an environment variable, EDRW_INSTALL_DIR point to the network path where the eDrawings Viewer exe is located. e.g.
set EDRW_INSTALL_DIR =<>eDrawings2008EmodelViewer.exe

For floating license setup of eDrawings publisher, you need to set another environment variable to point to license server machine. The environment variable GSSL_LICENCE_FILE needs to be set to “[email protected]”. e.g.
set [email protected]

In case there be restrictions on loading the plug-in on the CAD server, there are alternate deployment strategies. Please contact eDrawings support at [email protected], for personalized deployment suggestion.

Release History

Release 12.1

  • Added Support for NX 1953, NX 1957 and NX 1961.

Release 12.0

  • Added Support for NX 1926.

Release 11.2

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Release 11.1

  • Added Support for NX 1847, NX 1872, NX 1899.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2020 (64-bit).

Release 11.0

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2019 (64-bit).

Release 10.9

  • Added support for NX 12.0.

Release 10.8

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2017 (64-bit).

Release 10.7

  • Added support for NX 11.0.
  • Localization support for Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Release 10.6

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2015 (64-bit).

Release 10.5

  • Added support for NX 10.0.

Release 10.4

  • Much improved “Options” dialog.
  • Bug fixes.

Release 10.3

  • Added support for NX 9.0
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2014.
  • Added support for saving eDrawings as ZIP/EXE from batch jobs.

Release 10.2

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2013 SP3.
  • Added support for 64 bit eDrawings Viewer.

Release 10.1

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2013 SP1.

Release 10.0

  • Added support for NX 8.5.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2013.

Release 9.1

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2012 SP2.

Release 9.0

  • Added support for NX 8.0.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2012.

Release 8.0

  • Added TIFF and PNG image format support for stamping option.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2011.

Edrawing Viewer 2017 Free Download

Release 7.2

  • Added support for NX 7.5
  • Export Bill of Materials table to eDrawings assemblies.
  • eDrawings Viewer has been updated to eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP3.

Release 7.1

  • Added support for NX 7.
  • eDrawings Viewer has been updated to eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP1.
  • Support for exporting Arrangements to eDrawings.
  • Support for exporting Part name from NX attributes to eDrawings.

Release 7.0

  • Added support for NX 6.
  • Vista Support is introduced for NX 6.

Release 6.0

  • eDrawings version updated to eDrawings 2008.

Release 5.3

  • Application files signed to fix the NX development license issue.

Release 5.2

Edrawing Viewer 2017 Free Download

  • Added support for NX 5.

Release 5.1

  • NX 64 bit support added.
  • Export Hidden Assembly components to eDrawings assembly file.
  • Stamp an image in eDrawings file.
  • Check online for Product Updates.
  • Component Instance color for multiple components is now supported.

Release 5.0

  • eDrawings version updated to eDrawings 2007.

Release 3.0

  • Added support for NX 4.
  • 3D Annotations support added.

Release 2.1

  • eDrawings version updated to eDrawings 2006 SP01.
  • Added support for AutoCAD 2005, 2006.

Release 2.0

  • eDrawings version updated to 2005 SP02.
  • Now you can publish your Unigraphics NX files in one go.
  • Selectively export sheets from your Unigraphics NX drawings.
  • Localization support for French, German and Japanese.
  • Sectioned/detailed/exploded views can now be exported with shaded data.

Release 1.1

  • Added support for NX 3.