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Hello, in this detailed guide i will show you how to add Fortigate to GNS3, how to do basic network configuration for the machines, and how to access FortiGate through CLI (Command-Line) and web.



• GNS3 (V 2.0.3) & GNS3 VM (Or above)

• Download FortiGate appliance from Here

• Download FortiGate 5.6 Image from Here

• Download Tiny Linux Firefox Appliance from Here

Fortigate gns3

• Download Tiny Linux Firefox Image from Here


Import Appliances & Images

Start a new blank project, click File > Import Appliance, then choose the FortiGate appliance file (.gns3a)

Click Next, then choose 'Run the appliance on the GNS3 VM(recommended)' option, after GNS3 verify the VM requirements to run the appliance, click Next.

Click on Refresh, a list of all the required FortiGate files will appear like the following

In your case all the files will be missing. For this guide i will be using FortiGate 5.6.1.

Under FortiGate 5.6.1 on the list, click on FGT_VM64_KVM-v5-build1484..., then import, then choose the file extracted from the FortiGate Image.

Note: In order for FortiGate to operate, it needs an empty harddisk

The harddisk can be created using linux tool called 'qemu-img' using the following command:

or you can download the file from Here .

To import the harddisk into GNS click on empty30G.qcow2 under FortiGate 5.6.1 on the list, then import and choose the harddisk file.

After adding the two files they will be ready to install, click on Next, then choose /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 (v2.5.0) for Qemu binary, then click Next, Next, Finish.

FortiGate will appear on Security Devices Tab

To import Tiny Linux Firefox, Click File >>> Import Appliance >>> Choose the Tiny Linux Firefox Appliance file >>> Click Next >>> Under Firefox 31.1.1~2 click on linux-tinycore-linux-6.4... then import >>> choose the Tiny Linux Firefox image file >>> Click Next >>> choose /usr/bin/qemu-system-i386 (v2.5.0) for Qemu binary >>> Click Next, Next, Finish.

Firefox will appear in the End Devices tab.

Network Topology & Configuration

For this guide i will configure a very basic network topology.

Fortigate Gns3

FortiGate Configuration

Right-Click on FortiGate, then click on Console to access the CLI. The username is 'admin' and blank password.

To set IP on port 1 run the following commands.

Tiny Linux Firefox Configuration

Right-Click then choose console, a GUI will appear.

open a terminal and run 'ifconfig' to check for network interfaces. Edrawing viewer 2017. in my case i will configure interface 'eth0'. Run the following commands to set an IP.

Fortigate Virtual Firewall

To open Fortigate through web, click on Firefox and type your default gateway IP in the URL bar. Enter username 'admin' and empty password

Fortigate Gns3

Finally, the portal will open and you should see the following

I hope that this will help you in configuring FortiGate inside GNS3.