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If you are using GameMaker: Studio and find default dark theme to be odd, you probably have already switched to lighter 'GM8' theme via File - Preferences dialogue.

But, alas, switching to 'GM8' theme does not change code editor color scheme, and you still get the default dark gray-orange theme in middle of your light-colored IDE.

So I thought that it would make sense to publish a GM8-esque color scheme that I've made and am using locally for a while now.

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This color scheme follows GM8 style closely, with few exceptions like displaying resource names in teal instead of yellow (which grants higher contrast and generally looks better).

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To import a color scheme, go to File - Preferences - Scripts and Code, click Import button, and pick the obtained file.


It is hard to make a large post about thing as small, so here's the file:

Alternatively, file' contents (to be saved as gm8x.col and imported into GMS):

Have fun!

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