Google Reverse Image Search

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The most comprehensive image search on the web. With Reverse Image Search by Google, you can quickly discover visually similar photos from around the web on your mobile phone and iPad. Upload from your Photo. Similar photo search is a type of online search where, instead of typing in a text-based keyword, the user uploads an image to find visually similar images.

How Does Google Reverse Image Search Work?


As an SEO/PPC company, we’ve seen countless websites with the same overused stock photos. Eventually, it became a game for us! “Spot the Headset Girl” and “Where’s the Serious Guy Today.”

We thought it would make a killer interactive contest. Unfortunately, before we had a chance to implement our contest, Google launched the reverse image search feature.

So much for our game.

However, lemons… lemonade.
Que sera sera.


We thought we’d take this opportunity to show you How To Use the Reverse Image Search and demonstrate how it rendered our contest useless.

Let’s use Headset Girl as our example.

Google Images

1. First, take a screenshot of the picture you want to hunt down and save it to your desktop.

Google Reverse Image Search Bing

2. Visit and click “Images” at the top right.

3. Click the tiny camera graphic in the search box. This allows you to search by image.

4. Now you have two options: Either drag the image from a website into the search bar, or upload your own image. We uploaded Headset Girl since we previously saved it to our desktop.

Here’s a sampling of the companies that thought headset girl would properly reflect their businesses:

Headset girl – one of the hardest working women in stock photography. What stock photos do you see abused across the internet? Umidigi s5 pro helio g90t.