Honda Xlr125r Manual


Honda XLR 125 motorcycle discussion forum with questions, answers and comments. For sale i have two honda xlr125r s both tax,mot. Repair/Owners manual. Honda xlr125r 走行距離15200kmレストア前の状態の動画です。. 7-in-1 brain sharpness bundle download free. 1997 honda xlr125 Though the sales of its series model, 200R, had been discontinued in accordance with the arrival of the SL, this bike remained to keep its concept. It enhanced its off-road image by raising the seat height, but its design was out of date.

The answer to the Honda xlr125 exhaust(silencer) being so hard to find is that they rust away so quickly and everyone wants one. What I did was to simply use one from an xr/xl125 and it only needs a (5cm)straight bracket mechanism with nut and bolts holding it together at each end to fit. If you can see in the picture I've hung the end can around 3-4cm lower to miss the indicator light and the joint at the other end that connects to the down pipe wanted a bit of exhaust tape to make it fit snug. My Honda xlr125r o1 model even sounds better with the Honda xr125 exhaust as well as looking better so keep your eyes open for an xr exhaust as well because you will probably be needing one sooner than you think.

Honda Xlr 125 R Service Manual

Honda Xlr125r Manual

Honda Xlr 125r Manual

Also if anyone has pictures of an xlr125 with a neater back light setup or any tidy modifications please email to me at [email protected] and il put them on the blog. Thanks, nick.