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Designing Floor Plans โ€” The Process

How to draw a House easy and step by step.๐Ÿ’š For more easy videos visit my channel: Autocad House plans drawings free for your projects. Our dear friends, we are pleased to welcome you in our rubric Library Blocks in DWG format. Here you will find a huge number of different drawings necessary for your projects in 2D format created in AutoCAD by our best specialists. We create high-detail CAD blocks for you. It is easy to draw blueprints with a few special materials, and hand-drawing allows you the freedom to create your house any way you want it to be. However, there are also some computer blueprint programs available. Draw a couple of windows on the front of the house. To draw a window, make a rectangle and then draw a line through the middle of it horizontally and vertically so itโ€™s divided into 4 sections. Then, draw a thin, horizontal rectangle underneath to make the window sill.

Designing floor plans is an iterative process where you will go back and forth from your indoor bubble diagrams, your site map, your needs analysis, house exteriors and what we have learned about residential structure to create floor plan drawings.

Essentially, this design step is all about firming up the walls of your indoor bubble diagrams. But as you create your plans, you may find yourself modifying your bubble diagrams, trying out different house exteriors and occasionally crumpling up your design and starting all over. Don't be afraid to do this. It is a learning process and each redesign brings you one step closer to a final design that is right for the way you live.

Somewhere I have a file folder of all the weird and wonderful floor plans we fiddled around with. Some look like they belong on another planet. This fiddling stage really helped in letting the creativity flow but the other parts of the development process: our site plans, needs analysis, and structural design constraints would always bring the designs back to reality.

This beginner friendly tutorial show how to draw a house in nine steps. It includes simple illustrations and drawing instructions for each one.

This is a very simple drawing of a house but itโ€™s still recommended that you start with a pencil and make light lines for the first seven step. You may need to erase some parts of the drawing in step eight and light lines also make it much easier to correct mistakes.

Step 1 โ€“ Draw the First Section of the House

Draw the first part of the house

Simple house drawing software

Step 2 โ€“ Draw the First Section of the Roof

Add the roof with itโ€™s edges hanging slightly over that section of the house.

Step 3 โ€“ Draw the Second Section of the House

Onto the first section add the second section of the house along with itโ€™s roof.

Step 4 โ€“ Draw the Outlines of the Windows

Draw the outlines of the windows. One large window for each section of the house and one small one at the top of the first part (usually these tend to be for the attic).

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Step 5 โ€“ Draw the Door

Draw the door with a little platform below it (basically one step).

Step 6 โ€“ Draw the Chimney

Draw the chimney at the top of the second section of the house.

Step 7 โ€“ Draw the Smaller Details

Draw the window frames by first basically tracing a smaller rectangle inside the larger windows and then adding the dividers for all of them.

You can also add a handle to the door (simple make it round).

Step 8 โ€“ Finish the Line Drawing

To make the house look a little more lively you can add some bushes in a few area around it. To do this simply erase that part of the house and draw the bushes with sort of โ€œcloud likeโ€ shapes.

Once you confirm that everything seems to be in the right place go over go over your drawing with either darker pencil lines, black pen or marker.

Modern House Simple Drawing

Step 9 โ€“ Color the House

You can use anything you like to color the drawing (pencils, paints, markers, etcโ€ฆ).

For a nice color combination you can make the house yellow, the roof red, and the windows blue.

Make the door brown and the bushes green. You can leave the frames around the larger windows white.

White House Simple Drawing


This is a very simple drawing of a house. If you are a beginner artist the main challenge for you may be drawing all of the straight lines. You could use a ruler to make things easier but if you want to improve itโ€™s recommended that you simply try your best without it.

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