Mothers Day Sketch Drawing


Easy Mothers Day Drawings Ideas, Pictures To Print: Mother’s day will be celebrated on 12th May this year. This is a day of mothers and hence all the children put in their efforts in a lot of different ways to make their mothers feel special. This day is celebrated in a lot of countries all across the world and mothers as well as the children wait anxiously for this day. It is great to see the children putting in a lot of efforts to bring a smile on their mother’s face. There are children who get up early in the morning to make the bed tea for their mothers or to clean the house before the mother gets up in the morning. Some children gift beautiful gifts to their mothers and this is how they celebrate this day.

Happy Mother’s Day Drawings

One of the most common ways by which children wish their mothers on this day is by making beautiful drawings. Drawings directly connect with the heart and hence it is one of the most chosen ways of wishing mother’s day. Children start preparing for these happy mother’s day drawings well in advance so that they can gift a beautiful piece of drawing on that day. There are drawing including the portraits of their mothers, there are different drawing showing the mothers that how much their children love them and also there are drawings which make the mothers feel special. All these drawings either good or not so good are equally special for the mothers as these drawing are not only having the colors on it but also it has the strong emotions which kids put in them.

Easy Mother’s Day Drawing Ideas

Mother's Day Sketch Drawing Ideas

Find mothers day drawing stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Mother's Day Heart drawing - step 1. Begin by drawing a heart. To draw this familiar shape, use two curved lines, meeting in downward facing points at both the top and bottom. Share Mother’s day selfies, photos, and videos to collect user-generated content. Social media has become a key part of how we stay in touch and show our love for our families. So sharing Mother’s Day photos is a natural next step! One of the most popular Mother’s Day promotions is a Photo Contest.

Drawing is a skill. It comes naturally to some kids, some have to have some inspiration in order to draw a good picture. But now you don’t need to worry at all as you can easily find a lot of amazing Mother’s day drawing ideas from here. Here, you will be able to find a plenty of drawings related to mother’s day. You can simply take the inspiration from these beautiful drawings available on this website and can make some amazing drawings for your mother. These drawings are of various difficulty levels and hence if you are at basic level of drawing, you can select any simple drawing idea or if you are an advanced painter, then you can simply choose some of the complex drawing ideas with cute mothers day quotes for you.

Mother’s day drawings for cards

Cards are one of the best gifts which people gift to each other on various occasions. Mother’s day is also one such day when kids make these cards for their mothers. Cards can express your feelings in the way, which you might not be able to express if just telling those feelings verbally. Cards usually consist of images as well as the text. A lot of times, children are able to write good text on these cards but they somehow lack to add some beautiful mother’s day drawing pictures on these cards. But now, you don’t need to worry anymore as you can find a lot of amazing mother’s day drawing pictures for cards from this site. There are a lot of different and relevant pictures related to mother’s day here on this website and hence you can easily use these pictures in your cards and then you can gift these cards to your mother.

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All these drawings will surely make your mother feel really special and hence it would make her day a really awesome one. So just start practicing to draw these beautiful drawings which you will be gifting to your mother on this mother’s day.

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How do you say thanks on Mother’s Day? It’s the perfect time to let mums know how much we love and appreciate them. Try these ideas to strengthen your online community, get leads and user-generated content with Mother’s Day promotions.

In this post, we take a look at fantastic Mother’s Day promotion ideas – ones that really work!

Don’t forget to check out our Mother’s Day campaign hub. Get free social media templates, product demos, and case studies!

1. Gamify your Mother’s Day campaign

Gamification is the most recent trend in digital marketing, and it can really help you accomplish a wide variety of different marketing objectives. Gamified promotions increase engagement and entertain customers, and that leads to positive customer experiences. Therefore, playable promotions tend to be very successful, and implementing them into your Mother’s Day campaign could bring about some fantastic results.

Take a look at the following Mother’s Day promotion idea. It’s an example of a Hidden Objects game that you can use for this year’s Mother’s Day campaign. Users search for flowers spread around the image for a chance to win a Mother’s Day bouquet!

Once the participants complete the challenge, they fill in a registration form in order to submit their entry. They get a chance to win, and the organizer expands their mailing list.

Are you considering gamifying your marketing strategy? Do you want to implement games into your Mother’s Day campaign? Try our Mother’s Day Hidden Objects DEMO to see what it is all about! You can also download our pre-configured template to save time creating your Mother’s Day promotion.

2. Mother’s Day promotion ideas to boost sales: promote products with a Product Recommender

One of the main ideas to start any campaign is driving sales. You must know by now that some promotions work better than others – and we’re about to show you an idea for Mother’s Day promotion that can seriously help you promote your product – and therefore increase sales.

Mother’s Day Product Recommender is a simple quiz app. Users answer a few closed questions and depending on their answers they see personalized messages once they complete the quiz. This idea will work for anyone looking to attract new customers right in time for Mother’s Day, as you can recommend specific products and even add discount codes to improve the conversion rates.

Would you like to see the Mother’s Day Product Recommender? Try the DEMO and download our ready-made template – it’ll save you up to 70% of production time!

3. Share Mother’s day selfies, photos, and videos to collect user-generated content


Social media has become a key part of how we stay in touch and show our love for our families. So sharing Mother’s Day photos is a natural next step!

One of the most popular Mother’s Day promotions is a Photo Contest. Set up a theme, create an online gallery to show off the competition entries, and throw in a prize to incentivize your followers. Try to choose something that suits the day – and your brand.

For example, this beauty brand offered a mother-and-daughter treat. To take part, followers just had to share a selfie together with their moms. The winners would receive a luxury spa facial to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Remember that you can collect photos from moms or their children. In this promotion from Pizza Hut, moms shared their favorite hand-made Mother’s Day gifts.

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Just four entries were selected to win a Mother’s Day dinner at their local Pizza Hut. But all of the photos were pretty darn cute!

If your followers are especially creative and engaged, then you could challenge them to a Video Contest. Ask users to record a quick message for their mothers – or their children! – and then share the videos in your online gallery.

To learn more about Photo and Video Contests, try our Mother’s Day demo. Then use the template to create your own competition!

Do you want to make your Mother’s Day Photo Contest even more fun? You can use the Easypromos PhotoFun app to personalize pictures with frames and stickers. You can upload your customized stickers to expose your corporate image. Check out the Mother’s Day PhotoFun DEMO.

4. Collect stories, memories and messages with your Mother’s Day promotions

As we celebrate moms on Mother’s Day, it’s time to reflect on our relationships. The holiday brings up powerful emotions and memories for many people.

So another option for your Mother’s Day promotions is a heartfelt Writing Contest. You can ask followers to write as much or as little as you like.

For example, in this quick contest for Risata wines, followers just had to explain what they had planned for Mother’s Day. Three participants would win a $200 Lush gift card – perfect for Mother’s Day treats.

Drawings Of Mother And Child

But this next contest offered a bigger challenge: participants had to write a short story about their mom. Because this contest required more effort, it had an even bigger prize. The winners would have an entire room of their house painted!


This is a perfect promotion to show you that any company can celebrate Mother’s Day!

5. Offer exclusive rewards, giveaways, and Mother’s Day promotions

So far, we’ve focused on skill-based contests. And they are certainly a fun way to collect leads and user-generated content!

But sometimes, you want something a bit simpler. If you want a contest that’s really easy to join, then the answer is a giveaway with a registration form. People just fill in their contact details to join the prize draw – no effort required.

Then you can use those contact details to follow up on your sales leads. You can customize the form to get specifically useful information for your brand. Just like other Mother’s Day promotions, make sure you offer a suitable incentive to motivate your followers.

We like this prize bundle from an Australian food brand. They gave away five hampers of Mother’s Day gifts among users who signed up. You could share products from your brand, or team up with other brands to share a goody bag with your followers.

Here’s another example that we created to help you visualize a Mother’s Day giveaway a bit better. Can you see how followers of a fragrance brand could register their contact details for a chance to win?

Do you want to launch a Mother’s Day Entry Form Giveaway? Use our customizable Mother’s Day giveaway template.

6. Recruit families to your brand with Mother’s Day promotions

Finally, let’s take a look at one more contest type: Refer-a-Friend. Also known as a recruiters or recruitment contest, it’s a classic giveaway – with a twist.

First, your followers sign up with their contact details. But then, to increase their chances or qualify for the prize draw, they have to recruit more people to the competition.

This is perfect for Mother’s Day promotions. Share the contest, and ask your followers to recruit their moms to win. Or target your competition at moms, and encourage them to sign up their friends.

How did you like our Mother’s Day promotion ideas? Would you like to see some more? Visit our blog post with ideas for Mother’s Day social media giveaways. Do you have more questions about Mother’s Day campaigns? Don’t hesitate to Live Chat with us.

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