Oblong Rectangle

The definition of a rectangle is a four-sided figure or shape with four right angles that isn't a square.
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An example of a rectangle is the shape of a an 8x10 picture frame.

Oblong Rectangle
Any four-sided plane figure with four right angles.
Any such figure or shape that is not a square; oblong.

A rectangle is a parallelogram with four right angles, each of which measures 90 degrees. Oblong is defined as elongated, usually from the square or circular form. When referring to a rectangle, oblong can be described as when one set of parallel sides is longer than the other set. Check out our oblong rectangle selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

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  • An oblong is a rectangle (2 different words, same meaning). An oval is an oval. Seeing that your table is a rectangle you'll need an oblong cloth. Here's the best answer.
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Oblong Rectangles

(geometry) A quadrilateral having opposing sides parallel and four right angles.

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What Is An Oblong

  • French from Medieval Latin rēctanguluma right trianglefrom Late Latin rēctiangulum Latin rēctusrightreg- in Indo-European roots Latin angulusangle
    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition
  • From Middle French, from Old French, from Medieval Latin rectanglum (“right angle'), from rectus (“right') + angulus (“an angle').
    From Wiktionary