Parrot Drawing

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Description: So far today I have showed you how to draw a Tiki face, and a pirate skull. With this next tutorial I will be taking a right turn to show you ''how to draw a parrot', step by step. Now for those of you that don’t know exactly what a Macaw is I will give you a brief description on them. First off these birds come from Central and South America and they are known to be quite large. There are several different types of parrots in existence and the one that I used for a reference to draw is the scarlet parrot. The scarlet parrot comes from Central America and lives in places like Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. The birds that reside there have different colored feathers such as red and yellow with white patches on their face and they have slightly larger bodies. The scarlet parrots that come from South America is also red and yellow in color with white patches on its face, but green feathers on its wings and they are found in Columbia, Equador, Peru and Brazil. As you can tell there is hardly any difference at all between the two parrots from different parts of the world. These birds thrive in the rainforest where they are undisturbed from the rest of the world. Sometimes in commercials or movies that show a glimpse of a rainforest on an island, you will usually see a large beautiful parrot sitting on a tree limb as he relaxes alone amongst the trees of the forest. Not only do they prefer to live in tropical places, their diet consists of fruits, nuts, flowers and nectar that are readily available to them in their habitat. The scarlet Macaw will also eat fruit from the forest that is not ripe as well as nuts that other animals will not touch. Unfortunately these magnificent looking birds are being taken from their natural habitats to be sold on the market as pets, and dying off due to their habitats being destroyed so that man can farm crops and live on the land. Whenever an animal of such beauty is in danger from being wiped out, I feel like the world gets more and more ugly because it continues to take the beautiful life from it to replace it with ugly buildings and villages that will surely turn to slum living once a good number of people begin reigning over. This tutorial will show you 'how to draw a parrot', step by step. I will be back with more fun drawing lessons in a while. But in the mean time try and tackle this bird to draw, it will surely be a challenge.

This bird art print is one of a kind parrot ink drawing. It is so colorful and unique. The original collage painting was made using an ink pen, watercolor, acrylic colors, paper cuts, photography and digitally enhanced. I love this parrot drawing, using so many details, colors. The first step in drawing a parrot is to make a large egg-shape for its body. The narrow point of the egg-shape is where the tail will be, and the wide point will be attached to the head. This oval should be pointing slightly upward on a diagonal, with the narrow end pointing down. Start this first step by drawing out some basic guidelines and shapes to form a frame for the parrot.

  1. Before we start drawing a Macaw, let's draw the some simple forms that will help you do the correct.
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Parrot Drawing
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  1. How to Draw a Parrot

You are about to learn to draw an adorable parrot drawing filled with vibrant colors and great special effects! Indeed, these drawing lessons are getting better and better every day.

Parrots are fun animals to draw. The nice thing about this character is that you can virtually use any color you want to create your illustration. You also have the flexibility to play with shapes and features like the beak and the tail.

Step 1

First, you must create the sketch that will be used as a template for the vector version. If you own a tablet, feel free to create your illustration on your computer. Personally, I prefer to start with a pencil and a piece of paper.

Step 2

Convert your drawing into a digital file and open your vector application. Create a new layer and add black outlines. Your lines can be irregular (pointed on both ends) for a more interesting result.

Step 3

Create another layer behind the lines and draw solid shapes filled with plain colors. You can be creative since parrots can be colored with a wide variety of bright colors.
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Step 4

Select your gradient tool and add a simple shadow effect on all solid shapes from your illustration. Only the eye (not the pupil) must remain 100% white.

Step 5

Shadows created with the gradient tool are nice, but that's not enough to give depth to the illustration. Create a third layer and place this one between the solid shapes and the outlines. Draw some dark shapes on areas that are not affected by lights.

Step 6

Select the transparency tool and partially hide each shape created in the previous step. Since the light is virtually placed on top of the parrot, the bottom of each shape must be darker.

Step 7

Create another layer (place it on top) and add white shapes on areas that are directly exposed to the light source. I like to keep a small space between the edges of these shapes and the black outlines created previously.

Step 8

Use the transparency tool again, but this time you must hide the bottom part of each shape. Good! The character looks great and as you can see, the illustration has more volume than the one from step 4.

Parrot Drawings

Step 9

One last thing you could do is change the color of the outlines. You can use a tone similar to the color of each shape touching the selected outline. Your parrot drawing is now completely done. I hope you had fun with this tutorial! :)

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Parrot Drawing Directions

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