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1. The main characters
These four characters are the most commonly used ones. In each category where they are available, they should be used even by beginners.

Ben Quadinaros

The overall best podracer in the game and the king of time attack. His turning is slow, especially when boosting, and he is huge. But he more than makes up for those things by having the best boost in the game. No other podracer even comes close to Ben's boost. If you're going for IL times, you need to learn how to control this guy. The only tracks where he isn't used are tracks with very sharp turns like Grabvine Gateway.

'In my madness, I tried to recreate a demo version of the game star wars pod racer released in 1999 on Arcade, N64, and Dreamcast,' he says. 'It is still very far from perfect (animation. Star Wars: Episode I: Racer for Windows is essentially a straight port of the Nintendo 64 version, and I'd have to say it doesn't handle nearly as well as its home videogame system cousin. Of course, this isn't a game which I've really enjoyed on either platform, so it might just be me.

'Bullseye' Navior

If it wasn't for Ben Quadinaros and his insane boost, you'd probably see this guy a lot more in time attack. Bullseye is fast and has the most direct controls out of all the podracers. His weakness is his low health, which makes you explode even from the smallest collisions. In time attack, Bullseye is used on tracks where Ben's turning is too slow. For full game runs, you would use him in the 100% and Semi-Pro Circuit categories.


Mars Guo

The largest podracer in the game. He has high speed, a great boost and surprisingly good turning. The reason Mars is mentioned here, is his ability in doing some of the skips. The skips in Abyss and Inferno work best with Mars and while he's not the fastest in Gauntlet, the trick is still way easier to do with him. You can also use Mars if you just want faster times than Bullseye can get, but still haven't learned yet how to use Ben.

Ebe Endocott

Ebe is used at the start of every single RTA category, as he has excellent cooling and turning. Always use Ebe when learning the any% and Amateur Circuit categories. Even if you start implementing faster but harder to use alternatives (see below), Ebe is always a good fallback option.

2. Characters for advanced strats
These four characters are often faster than the above ones, but harder to use and therefore only recommended for advanced players.

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Boles Roor

Boles Roor is basically the equivalent to Ben Quadinaros when playing without upgrades. He has a very high top speed and is hard to control, so he won't always be a viable option. Semi-Pro and 100% are the categories where Boles Roor is used.

Elan Mak
This guy is only used in any%, as a faster but harder to use alternative to Ebe after the third race.

Mawhonic fulfills the same role that Boles Roor does, but for any%. He can be faster than Ebe in every track after he is unlocked, if you can handle the controls. Compared to Elan Mak, Mawhonic is faster in Dethro's Revenge. Fifty shades of grey pdf free full download.

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Aldar Beedo
Aldar Beedo is the optimal character for Amateur Circuit runs. Vengeance is the hardest track for him, so you might want to go back to Ebe there until you've mastered Beedo.