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See full list on Lists are something we all use in everyday life. If you're going to the supermarket you might want to make a list, or if you're buying Christmas presents.

PyQGIS 101: Introduction to QGIS Python programming for non-programmers. Python is a great versatile programming language that is widely used in the GIS world. Python 101, by Michael Driscoll. 545 pages, available from in a variety of formats. Available soon in hardcover. The modern Python programming language is a large topic. A book on a programming language has to be seen as a collection of several large topics.

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Python for Programmers

The tutorials on this page are aimed at people who have previous experience with other programming languages (C, Perl, Lisp, Visual Basic, etc.). Also of potential interest are such related Beginners Guides as BeginnersGuide/Overview and BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers, and the tips in MovingToPythonFromOtherLanguages.

Books, Websites, Tutorials (non-interactive)


  • A beginner-friendly Python tutorial that starts with the absolute basics, but also covers more advanced stuff like Python software deployment.

  • After Hours Programming's Python Introduction A beginners introduction into Python.

  • Awesome Python A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

  • CheckiO interactive learning resource Creative way to improve Python skills with interesting tasks, it also supports Python 3 2.

  • Classpert - Python - A collection of free and paid Python online courses, from a wide range of providers.

  • CodersLegacy A website + blog geared towards both new and experienced programmers. Mainly focused on teaching Python.

  • Dive Into Python 3 by Mark Pilgrim.

  • Elements of Python Style This document goes beyond PEP8 to cover the core of what the author thinks of as great Python style.

  • Finxter - Solve Python puzzles and test your Python skill level (beginner to grandmaster level).

  • Full Stack Python Once you know the basics, learn how to build, deploy and operate Python Applications.

  • Python 3 Patterns, Recipes, and Idioms by Bruce Eckel and Friends.

  • Learn Python Step by Step - Start learning python from the basics to pro-level and attain proficiency.

  • Learn Python OverIQ - An entry-level course to get you started with Python Programming.

  • Learn Python - Tutorial for Beginners A comprehensive Python guide to get started, Python tutorials, and examples for beginners.

  • Free python tips and tutorials Python tips and tutorials for beginners and professional programmers.

  • Intro to Python - A Brief Presentation about Python mainly aimed at experienced programmers. Might be nice as a first pass over the language.

  • Learn Python in 10 minutes

  • Python Course - This online Python course is aiming at beginners and with advanced topics at experienced programmers as well.

  • Python Koans Learn Python through TDD

  • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John M. Zelle. Used for CS1 courses at Wartburg College, IA. A simple Tkinter-based module is used in textbook examples (Python 2 and 3).

  • Python Programming for Beginners A short introduction to writing command-line applications in Python by Jacek Artymiak.

  • Great resource with insightful ways to speed up your Python code

  • Python Essential Reference (book) If you want a highly compressed K&R-style 'just the facts' overview, David Beazley's 'Python Essential Reference' covers practically all of the language in about a hundred pages. A version that covers Python 3.7 is in progress.

  • Resources for Learning Python 10 of the most popular / recommended platforms in the World when it comes to learning Python, either as a complete beginner or someone who knows their way around.

  • Python Tutorial This tutorial is part of Python's documentation set and is updated with each new release.

  • Wikiversity:Python The Wiki(anything) information about Python.

  • Python Programming Tutorials Python programming tutorials.

  • Python Tutorials Python in plain English.

  • Learn Python - Programming Made Easy Simplified tutorials for beginners (Learn with relevant examples).

  • Pandas Cookbook A newbie friendly introduction to pandas with real-life examples.

  • Ultimate Python study guide Ultimate Python study guide for newcomers and professionals alike.

Interactive Tools and Lessons

  • Computer Science Circles

  • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Interactive Edition

  • Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python (second-level course)

  • Python visualizer tool

  • Thonny, Python IDE for beginners. Has intuitive features for program runtime visualization

Python Video Tutorials

  • Crawl the Web With Python - learn to build a web crawler and scraper (paid/commercial).

  • Django Basics - An introductory course to learn basics of Django framework in great detail.

  • MIT's Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

  • Khan Academy computer science playlist teaches Python.

  • Python Exception Handling for beginners - Exception handling with Python.

  • Python Lists and Object Tutorial for Beginners - Sorting Objects with Python.

  • Python OOP Tutorial for Beginners - Getting started with OOP programming with Python.

  • Python Screencasts (36 videos)

Python video tutorial (commercial/paid)

  • Getting Started With Django - learn the Django back-end framework from scratch (paid/commercial)

  • Build a News Aggregator With Django - learn advanced Django skills with a hands-on project (paid/commercial)

  • Data Handling With Python - learn the basics of handling data in the Python language (paid/commercial).

Python 101

Free Python Courses

Python 101 Script

Python 101
  • Free Python 3 email course (almost daily Python lesson + cheat sheets, email required)

  • Free Python 3 course (almost daily Python lesson + cheat sheets)

Other Python Resource Aggregators

Python 101 Basics

  • Learn Python - Best Python Tutorials and Courses Python tutorials & courses recommended by the programming community.

  • Learn Python - Best Python Courses Python tutorials submitted and ranked by Python developers with the best rising to the top 1985 mercury outboard manual.

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