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'A creative and interestingly different game, with a shark!'

Decoration Packages are Loot Container items in Raft. 1 Summary 2 Contents 3 Uses 4 History 5 Gallery There is a 20% chance for a Decoration Package to be found when the player collects a Loot Box, suitcase or combination safe from Treasure Hunting, or a Barrel floating in the ocean. Decoration Packages can only be found on worlds with at least 30 minutes of playtime. When a Decoration Package. Time for another round of the funny turn-based shooting game. In Raft Wars 2 you have to battle your way through the waterpark area to retrieve your beloved treasure. Select the weapon you want and shoot tennis balls to blast all disturbing opponents into the water. Use upgrades to prepare your raft and ammo for the final fight. Jan 10, 2021 Play Raft Game for Free. Raft is an open-world survival crafting game that will train your brain while you are playing. It invites you to immerse yourself into an oceanic adventure with lots of discovery and a little bit of danger. Download Raft and play it alone or together with your friends. The release date is 23 May 2018.

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RaftMy grandmother asked me to tell you she' s sorry pdf free download free. is a cool little independent game that's kind of like Minecraft at sea!

You start off only one a tiny raft with a grappling hook that can be used to fish items out of the water surrounding you and you can also jump in and swim in the water to collect items floating in the sea once you have collected enough items you can build tools and in turn use those tools to build improvements to turn your raft from a simple block of wood in to a multi-story luxury super raft! It’s not all that simple though there’s also a shark that wants very much to eat you and looks even hungrier than your character is! If you swim too far out in to the water your fatigue level will become exhausted so don’t stray too far from your raft, another good reason behind this is also to make sure you don’t get eaten up by that pesky shark.

It could benefit from having a tutorial but this is a small disadvantage and with enough trial and error you can work it out

The game does bear many similarities to classic construction game Minecraft but this by no means a bad thing especially considering that it’s free. Raft is a game that you will have to invest a decent amount of time in to until you become accustomed to building and crafting all the items needed to turn your block of wood in to a modern living space but it’s certainly worth it.


You can download Raft here for free.