Rane 72 Traktor Pro 3


Innofader PNP2 Replacement Fader for Rane 70 / 72. Mini Innofader Pro Kit For PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable. Power Supply for Traktor Kontrol S8. One of the biggest updates to Traktor Pro 3 that Native Instruments advertised was the ability to use it with any sound card or mixer, so in this video I sho. Safari and flash player. NAMM 2018 3 of 4 Rane Twelve & 72 Mixer Showcase Overview of the Deck Display on the Traktor Kontrol S4 Live at 'Headliners' Pt.3 - Drum & Bass Set (Louisville, KY).

A basic mapping to get folk moving with this superb mixer and Rekordbox.
To access Cue Mode press Shift & top-level button 1.
To access Velocity Sampler mode, press Shift & top-level button 3
To access basic transport functions, press Shift & top-level button 4.

Rane 72 Traktor Pro 3 Mapping

Mapped for both decks, didn't include any fader/eq/crossfader stuff as the mixer handles that perfectly.

Rane 72 Traktor Pro 3 Download

The LEDs from Rekordbox are a bit odd..ie you don't see cues set unless you're setting them in the Seventy Two..probably something missing from the mapping - but its a start for anyone with persistance in Rekordbox.

Rane 72 Traktor Pro 3 Demo

1:Requires adapter plate included with the Innofader kit
2:Use included flathead screws for more headroom between the mixer faceplate and the crossfader plate.
3:Requires power from the Innofader crossfader (cable included with the fader)
4:Curve adjustment works in reverse, so sharpening the Innofader curve actually softens the audio output curve
5:Fader body and adapter must be fully isolated from internal circuits with insulating screws and insulating washers.
6:Requires jumper wires from Audio Innovate, please inquire directly at [email protected]
7:Multiple Innofader models will work for this mixer. The preferred model is specified.
8:Requires wiring modification using mini flathead screwdriver included with the fader. Please see mixer specific insructions for more detail.
9:Requires hand soldering modification to connect mixer power. Please see mixer specific instructions for more detail.
10:Please also order the Innojuster to get a full range of curves.
11:Insert the crossfader cable into the 3 pins on J13 closest to the Innofader cable (original Innofader only)
12:Either works with the original Innofader or new Innofader Pro (indicated by a small green sticker on the packaging top right corner)
13:Use 1.2mm raised cap to prevent the knob from scraping against the faceplate (Innofader Pro / PNP only)
14:Need to drill holes spaced 65mm apart to mount Innofader
15:Need to raise the fader plate by 1mm to fit the Innofader.
16:Adapter plate available direct from Audio Innovate. Please inquire [email protected]
17:Innofader PNP2 now works as a drop-in replacement for the Xone 23, 23C, 43, and 43C mixers. Please use the special 4 pin white locking cable included with the Innofader PNP2 kit.
18:Also fits the original Innofader Pro. Please follow the instructions for VCA hookup
19:Please connect the single 3 wire connector to the outermost connector on adapter (15) to prevent short circuiting.
20:Fit is not perfect, and you will need to clip away the unused pins
21:Only DDJ-SR works, new DDJ-SR2 does not work.
22:DJM-350 3 wire cable needs to be soldered to the existing crossfader 3 wire cable
23:The Innofader PNP2 or Pro2 require longer screws and more washers. Please write to [email protected] for assistance.
24:For the PT-01 Scratch, make sure you purchase the mini Innofader Pro or mini Innofader Plus along with either the Reck IF-30 or Reck FH-45
25:Please clip off unused solder pins so the mini Innofader Plus S can be installed properly
26:Please order the mini adapter board 004-892JIT directly from Allen and Heath for this installation
27:Slot is not wide enough to fit full bodied faders like the Innofader PNP2. If you use this fader, you will need to trim the slot to make it wider.
28:The Innofader PNP2 that works will have a red or orange sticker in the upper right corner. You can order here or from your retailer when it is available.
29:Please always set the mixer for forward operation on this fader for proper operation.