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***Please note: This software does not drive any current KLIC-N-KUT machines***

SignMaster BASIC+ARMS (CUT+ARMS) is for simple vinyl cutting and allows you to produce vinyl lettering, logos, and pinstriping. SignMaster CUT+ARMS comes with a basic set of text, curve and object tools and fully supports ARMS and Laser cutters for contour cutting.

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SignMaster Cut HPN VinylSystems Edition is a stand-alone sign making software for designing and making simple signs and decals with your vinyl cutter. This software features a rich suite of tools to make the creative process more fun and enjoyable. This software features a powerful text tool, complex shape tool, and au. SignMaster CUT and CUT+ARMS is basic vinyl cutting software which allows you to design and produce vinyl lettering, logos and pinstriping. SignMaster CUT comes with a basic set of text, curve and object tools and CUT+ARMS also supports ARMS, OPOS and CCD vinyl cutters.


1. Designing artwork from text, curves and shapes
2. Providing you with a suite of basic sign design tools and features
3. Easily laying out your artwork and designs
4. Cutting your artwork from a vinyl cutter inc. a laser/ARMS cutters, engraver or router
5. Exporting your artwork to an Ai, Dxf, Eps, Pdf or Svg file


Contour cutting wizard plus print and cut from two or more devices
> Ai, Dxf, Eps, Pdf and Svg import/export (inc. text, images, gradients etc.)
> Vinyl spooler for powerful and rapid cutting
> Text and curve tools
> Cutter support with direct drivers included
> Over 300 powerful tools and features at your disposal
> 450+ page manual, online FAQ and Help Desk
> Video lessons and tutorials included at no charge
> Works on Windows 7 and up

SignMaster CUT+ARMS is the basic edition of the SignMaster series and fully supports ARMS and Laser cutters for contour cutting.


SignMaster CUT+ARMS allows you to easily create and cut out these vector effects:
> Distortions inc. Arc, 2D and Flag
> Dedicated Outline Module


Signmaster cut v3

SignMaster CUT+ARMS includes a large suite of specialist Contour Cutting Tools:
> Supports Laser Pointer Cutters
> Supports ARMS Cutters including Multi-Mark Cutters
> Set Fold, Contour and Perforation Cutlines by Color
> Change cutting tools on-the-fly
> Supports Multi-Tool Cutters
> Supports CorelDRAW and Illustrator
> All new Contour Cutting Wizard with Auto-Build Contours
> All new Cutfile Alignment Module for Pin-Point Accuracy


Cut artwork for signs, banners, vehicle graphics, stencils, boxes, craft and so much more with SignMaster’s latest and powerful cutting tools:
> An all new Send-To-Cutter Module for Instant Cutting
> Auto-Speed-Weed™ and new Easy Lift-Marks™
> Advanced Blade Compensation for the Sharpest of Text and Shapes
> Set the Cutting Order to save Cutting Time and Cutter Wear
> Streamlined and Powerful Vinyl Spooler for Cutfile management


SignMaster CUT+ARMS includes Basic Drawing Tools:

> Weld
> CMYK, HSV, Lab, RGB Color Management, Spot Colors, Texture/Image/Reverse Fills
> Power Shapes inc. Arrow, Circle and Square


SignMaster CUT+ARMS includes:
> All major Page, Photographic & Banner Sizes (ISO/US)
> DesignCenter™ inc. Object Manager, Object Selector, Property Inspector
> Grid, Guides, Dimensions, Align, Space, Distribute


SignMaster CUT+ARMS includes a suite of Text Tools and Effects inc.
> Artistic Text
> Vertical Text


SignMaster CUT+ARMS allows you to work with third party Graphics & Sign programs:
> Easily Import & Export inc Ai, Dxf, Eps, Jpg, Pdf, Png, Svg and;
> Retain CMYK color data
> Import & work with very large bitmaps/images without problems


SignMaster CUT+ARMS includes:
> Free Tech Support*
> 450+ Page Manual, Video Lessons & Tutorials
> Help Desk, Free Updates & FAQ
> Advanced Setup Wizards

*For the life of the product (while the current version)

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, SignMaster does not run on Mac

Easy Cut Studio is the most powerful and easy to use sign cutting software for Windows and macOS. The latest version are compatible with all Liyu vinyl cutter/plotter models. Now both Mac and Windows users can using Easy Cut Studio to cut virtually any shapes and signs with the Liyu cutting plotter. And most importantly: cut your artwork on any Liyu vinyl cutter – fast, smoothly and precisely.

The software supports all the Liyu vinyl cutting plotters including:

  • Liyu DC631
  • Liyu DC631-AF
  • Liyu DC801-AF
  • Liyu DC801
  • Liyu DC1261
  • Liyu DF631-AF
  • Liyu DF1261-AF
  • Liyu HC-751
  • Liyu HC-901
  • Liyu HC-1201
  • Liyu HC-1201-AF
  • Liyu HC-1501
  • Liyu HC-1502
  • Liyu TC-631A/AA
  • Liyu TC-631E
  • Liyu TC801
  • Liyu TC801-A/AA
  • Liyu TC1261
  • Liyu TC1261-A/AA
  • Liyu SC-400
  • Liyu SC-630
  • Liyu SC631-A
  • Liyu SC631-AM
  • Liyu SC-631E
  • Liyu SC-800
  • Liyu SC-801-AM
  • Liyu SC-801E
  • Liyu SC-1060
  • Liyu SC-1061
  • Liyu SC-1260
  • Liyu SC-1261

Liyu Vinyl Cutter Setup Instructions:

To use Liyu Vinyl Cutter in Easy Cut Studio, we first have to specify which machine you will be using. Please go to the Cutter menu -> Manage My Cutters and add the Liyu option.

Select your Liyu vinyl cutter/plotter model from the 'Company/Brand' drop down box and the click Add to list.

Create or import your design and click the Cutter icon from the toolbar. and then it will open Cut Settings dialog box. In this dialog box, please select the appropriate Connection type and Port. Keep the other parameters as it is by default. and then click the Cut button.

Tip: If you are connecting Liyu vinyl cutter via a USB connection you must install the USB driver that came with your cutter first. (You can download the latest version of USB driver for both Windows and MAC machines from, If you are using an older Liyu cutter, you may need to download the USB driver from the link below. ). Serial key crack software free downloaddwnloadkool. This will create an extra COM or USB port that you can select in the Easy Cut Studio 'Cut Settings' dialog box.

Signmaster Cut Tutorial

If you have followed these instructions and are still having problems setting up your Liyu vinyl cutter, please contact our technical support for help.

About LIYU:

Liyu is one of the high quality vinyl cutting plotter from china. The LIYU SC631-E comes with quality parts and provides perfect cutting each time. The installation is very easy and the cutter is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows with the use of an FTDI adaptor.

Signmaster Cut Arm Cracks

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