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In the earlier version of Windows, capturing graphics and texts on the system meant, pressing the Print Screen button to take a screenshot of a complete window, partial section of the screen or the entire screen. You would then need to open the Paint app and paste the screenshot (Ctrl +V), in order to edit further.

This was rather a cumbersome process and to save time, users would find and install 3rd party editing software. So, to avoid this long procedure, Microsoft introduced the Snipping Tool app for the Windows Vista and the above versions. This tool allows you to capture images and texts easily and then lets you save them in your preferred format.

While the Snipping Tool is indeed a useful image capture tool for a Windows based system, you wish it had a keyboard shortcut to make things even faster. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t offer a keyboard shortcut for Snipping Tool yet. But, there a way to run the Snipping Tool Tool using a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10. Let’s see how.

Windows 10 Creators Update replaces OneNote’s popular screen clipping shortcut: Win + Shift + S. Starting with the Creators Update, this shortcut will be a global hotkey — an Operating System feature. Win + Shift + S will capture a screen region from any application and copy it to clipboard — powered by Snipping Tool’s new '/CLIP. To create a keyboard shortcut for Snipping Tool, use the simple procedure given below: Step 1: If you are on Windows 10, navigate to Start Windows Accessories, right-click on Snipping Tool entry, click More, and then click Open file location to open Windows Accessories folder. Step 2: Right-click on Snipping Tool shortcut, click Properties. However, there is no Snipping Tool shortcut key to open Windows Snipping Tools but a keyboard shortcut can be made though! Capture Screenshots in Windows. When you are over the Start Screen or Metro UI, you simply need to click on the Snipping Tool icon to open it. After the tool gets opened, you can find yourself immediately on the desktop.

However, just as a super-duper nitpick, what I originally meant was the original keyboard shortcut programmed by Lenovo, FN + PrtSc opens up snipping tool as of now and even after October update. My original question meant to change the program shortcut to Snip&Sketch instead of snipping tool, still using the original keyboard combination of FN. Using the alt-tab shortcut to switch between applications will now allow switching to Screen Sketch. Additionally, pressing WIN + Shift + S will open a snipping toolbar which will then allow.

Solution: Through the Snipping Tool Properties

Step 1: Go to the Start button on the extreme bottom left of your Windows 10 desktop and type Snipping Tool in the search field.

Step 2: Now, right-click on the result and select Open file location from the right-click menu.

Step 3: In the file location window, find Snipping Tool and right-click on it. Select Properties from context menu.

Step 4: In the Snipping Tool Properties dialogue box, go to the Shortcut tab. Now, navigate to the Shortcut key field and set a shortcut for the Snipping Tool.

For instance, create a shortcut like Ctrl + Alt + A or something similar. Press Apply and then OK to save the changes and exit.

That’s all. You have successfully created the shortcut key for the Snipping Tool. No more do you need to go to the Start button to navigate to the tool.

*Note: Alternatively, you can also pin the Snipping Tool to the Taskbar and then use the Windows key and a numerical key together to start the app. For instance, if it’s pinned to the extreme left of the taskbar, that is, next to the Start button, press Win + 1 to start the tool.

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Summary :

This post teaches you how to use the Windows 10 snipping tool shortcut to fast take screenshots on Windows 10. Check the list of 31 snipping tool shortcuts for Windows 10. If you lost some files or mistakenly deleted some files on Windows 10 computer, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to easily recover them.

You may not know that Windows 10 has a built-in free Snipping Tool allowing to capture screenshots in Windows 10 with ease. By using the snipping tool shortcut in Windows 10, you can make screenshot capturing process much quicker.

You can check the list below for the 40+ useful Windows 10 Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch shortcuts and their functions.

Tip: Both Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch on Windows 10 let you take screenshots of computer screen, and you also can capture a part of the screen as you wish. The Snip & Sketch is an updated screen capture tool introduced from Windows 10 1809 Update, as a replace for old Windows 10 Snipping Tool. If you can’t find the Snip & Sketch tool on your Windows 10 computer, you can get it from Windows Store.

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Open Windows 10 Snipping Tool with Shortcut

To open the snipping tool on Windows 10, generally you can click Start menu, type snipping tool, and click Snipping Tool app to open it.

If you want to quickly access it every time, you can create a desktop shortcut and hotkey for the Snipping Tool.

Snipping Tool location in Windows 10: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsWindows AccessoriesSnipping Tool.

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To create a desktop shortcut for Snipping Tool:

  • You can right-click the blank area on computer desktop and click New -> Shortcut.
  • In Create Shortcut window, you can type exe, and click Next to name the shortcut as Snipping Tool to create a desktop shortcut for Windows 10 Snipping Tool.

To create a keyboard hotkey for Snipping Tool: Os x el capitan free download.

  • Find the Snipping Tool by going to the location listed above.
  • Right-click Snipping Tool application and select Properties.
  • Under Shortcut tab, you can set a shortcut key for Snipping Tool, e.g. F5.

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31 Snipping Tool Shortcuts to Capture Screenshots on Windows 10

After you open Snipping Tool on Windows 10, you can use the 31 Snipping Tool shortcuts to fast take screenshots on Windows 10 computer.

Snipping Tool Shortcuts:

Alt + M: Select a screen capture mode. You can use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the preferred mode. Snipping Tool offers 4 modes: Free-form snip, Rectangular tool, Window snip, Full-screen snip.

Alt + N/Ctrl + N: Start a new screenshot in the same mode as last one.

Alt + D: Delay the screenshot by 1-5 seconds.

Ctrl + S: Save the screenshot.

Esc: Cancel the snipping.

Ctrl + C: Copy the screenshot to clipboard.

Ctrl + P: Print the screenshot.

Ctrl + E: Edit the screenshot in Paint 3D.

Alt + F: Open File menu.

Alt + F, then press T, E: Send the screenshot as an email in Outlook.

Alt + F, then press T, A: Send the screenshot as an attachment in an email in Outlook.

Alt + T, then press P: Open Pen menu. You can then press letter key on the keyboard to select preferred color pen, e.g. press R to select Red Pen, B to select Blue Pen, L to select Black Pen, P to select Custom Pen.

Alt + T, then press T: Select Highlighter tool.

Alt + T, then press E: Select Eraser tool.

Alt + T, then press O: Open Snipping Tool Options.

F1: Open Snipping Tool Help.

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Snip & Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shift + Windows + S: Open Snip & Sketch screenshot bar.

Alt + N: Start a new snipping.

Ctrl + O: Open a screenshot for editing.

Ctrl + P: Print the screen capture.

Ctrl + Z: Undo the editing. (Related: Undo and Redo Shortcut)

Ctrl + Y: Redo the editing.

Ctrl + B: Open Ballpoint pen tool.

Ctrl + C: Open Pencil tool.

Ctrl + H: Open Highlighter tool.

Ctrl + E: Open Eraser tool.

Ctrl + R: Open Crop tool.

Ctrl + Z: Open Zoom tool.

Ctrl + S: Save the screen capture.

Ctrl + C: Copy the screenshot.

Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcut Not Working

Ctrl + A: Share screenshot.

Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcut

Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcut

Wrap Things Up

Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcut Windows 7

This post introduces the useful Windows 10 snipping tool shortcuts. You can use them to make the screen capturing on Windows 10 more efficient.

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