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namaste to members of this group,
Sometime back, a query had been posted here about online availability
of Sundara-Kanda of Ramayana.!topic/samskrita/G3z9vLG6ybU
The above query was about availability of uttara-pATha (if that is the
correct term) of Sundara Kanda. More specifically, it was about online
availability of the version in the famous Gita Press Gorakhpur books,
which is widely used in India in paaraayaNa-s.
Recently, due to the efforts of Shri. Sunder Kidambi, the above query
has been answered positively. The entire Sundara Kanda (all 68 sargas
of it) is available at at the following link
Hope these files are useful for scholars, saadhakaa-s and learners. I
have gone through a couple of sarga-s and have found them typo-free.
One of the nice aspect of the above webpage is that is gives the PDF
files of the text in different scripts: Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, etc.,
so that even saadhaka-s who cannot read devanaagari can use the above
work in their script. For example, the Telugu Sundara Kanda is at
The link to change to the relevant script is at the bottom of the page.
Members/scholars of this group could send their appreciations to Shri
Sunder Kidambi <[email protected]>. It seems that the effort
took 6-7 months of effort, which indeed is a lot.
On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 3:48 PM, Ramakrishna Upadrasta
<[email protected]> wrote:
> namaste
> [Apologies if this question has been asked before.]
> I am looking for a PDF copy of Sundara Kanda of the uttara-pATha (to
> be more precise, the same as the gitA-press edition). Any help is
> appreciated in finding online copies of the same. Also, copies of the
> same in regional languages (Telugu and Kannada are appreciated).
> namaste
> Ramakrishna
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Sundarakanda Parayanam Book In Telugu Download

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