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INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the TAPCO Link.USB Audio Interface for digital recording systems. This is a complete, compact solution for computer-based music production on either a Macintosh or a PC. The Link.USB is a 2x2 USB interface that is powered directly off. Page 7: Getting Started “No, I want to create an account.”.

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The Tapco LINK USB 2-channel 24-Bit/96kHz USB Audio Interface w/ Mackie-designed Mic Preamps & Recording Software. 2-channel audio interface wth Mackie-designed mic preamps, low-latency direct monitoring, and the convenience of USB bus power for a great mobile recording solution.
The Tapco LINK USB is a highly portable computer audio interface for connecting two channels of high-quality audio from the real world into your Mac or PC computer using a common USB connection. As cost-effective as it is compact, Tapco Link-USB doesn't chintz out when it comes to sound quality. It features pro-level 24-bit/96kHz fidelity and premium-grade mic preamps. Link USB comes complete with beginner-friendly Tracktion 2 Music Production Software and Final Mix CD Mastering Plug-in, both courtesy of Mackie.
The Tapco LINK USB features two of the best mic preamps available in any audio interface at this price range. With combo mic/line/instrument inputs, these Mackie-designed preamps will capture the nuances of any sound you throw at them. This exceptional sound is preserved all the way to your computer thanks to modern 24-bit/96kHz digital audio converters on the way in, as well as the way out to headphones and your Studio Monitors. All that great sound potential is cleverly packed into a compact case less than 2-inches high and 8-inches long. The Tapco LINK USB tucks comfortably alongside your laptop when you're on the go, and connects with a single USB cable when you're ready to get busy.
It's bus powered, meaning it draws its juice from your computer for no-sacrifice recording and mixing, no matter where you end up. And with a unique swivel foot design, you can stand the Link.USB on its side in tighter workspaces, then stow it when it's time to go. The Tapco LINK USB includes Mackie's Tracktion 2 Music Production Software. It's the easiest software out there to get you started using your computer to record. And once you've mastered the basics, there's plenty of room to grow with Tracktion's truly professional feature set. It even comes bundled with a great assortment of plug-in effects, including Mackie's Dynamics Suite to help you keep the mix tight, plus Mackie's Final Mix CD mastering plug-in for when you're ready to share your music with the world.
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I need help with my TP-Link USB adapter. After installing latest version of macOS Catalina it's not working The PC isn't detecting the adapter and when I tried to reinstall the driver it's says 'this driver isn't compatible with this ma. About six months ago, the fine folks at TAPCO (um. Mackie), sent me an awesome computer recording bundle that consisted of the Link.USB two-channel audio interface; Tracktion 2 software for multitrack audio and MIDI production; and a three-piece active monitoring system comprised of a pair of S.5 monitors and an SW.10 sub. Click here to see similar items on eBay, and to buy. Tapco Link.usb 2×2 USB AudioInterface XLR Phantom Power 24bit/96kHz.From Old Stock, Complete with Original Box, Manual.There is a fault in the item;The item works well exept of the faulty headphone output;when plug in headphones there is audible distortion in the headphone output and it also affects the Monitor output.