Test Of Word Reading Efficiency


The Test of Word Reading Efficiency (TOWRE) is a reliable measure of word reading accuracy and fluency. Because it can be administered very quickly, the test provides an efficient means of monitoring the growth of two kinds of word reading skills that are critical in the development of overall reading ability: the ability to accurately recognize familiar words as whole units or 'sight words' and the ability to 'sound out' words quickly.

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The TOWRE contains two subtests:
• The Sight Word Efficiency (SWE) subtest assesses the number of real printed words that can be accurately identified within 45 seconds
• The Phonetic Decoding Efficiency (PDE) subtest measures the number of pronounceable printed nonwords that can be accurately decoded within 45 seconds.

Towre 2 Scoring

The Test of Word Reading Efficiency uses real and phonemically regular nonsense words to provide an accurate measure of decoding and pronunciation. The TOWRE-2 is a quick and reliable way to assess efficiency of sight word recognition and phonemic decoding in children and adults. TOWRE Kit #8920 - Test of Word Reading Efficiency - Complete TOWRE Kit contains Examiner's Manual, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets Form A, - 25 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets Form B, - Word Cards Form A (Sight and Phonemic), and Word Cards Form B (Sight and Phonemic), all in a sturdy storage box.

Test Of Word Reading Efficiency Pdf


Each subtest has two forms (Forms A and B) that are of equivalent difficulty, and either one or both forms of each subtest may be given depending upon the purposes of the assessment. Percentiles, standard scores, and age and grade equivalents are provided.