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Porky Pig That's All Folks Mp3

porky01.mp3Hey a, bdya, bdya, what's al that racket?
porky02.mp3Ebdya, ebdya, big deal.
porky03.mp3Mel Blanc out-take.
porky04.mp3Eh, what's the matter with you? Bewitched or something?
porky05.mp3Are you really? Last of the Dodo's?
porky06.mp3You try that again and I'll put your tail in a pencil sharpener.
porky07.mp3Heh heh ebde that's silly.
porky08.mp3I hated to do that, but I gotta get some sleep.
porky09.mp3Gosh, jet propelled.
porky10.mp3You're pixelated.
porky11.mp3I'll be back after you, you unsanitary old cat.
porky12.mp3Now you cut that out.
porky13.mp3Here now, stop that.
porky14.mp3Uh, tell me, is there any insanity in your family?
Porky15.mp3A talking dog? That's silly, if he could talk I'd keep him myself Dog: Well fatboy, you got yourself a dog.
Porky16.mp3I'm sure glad I got rid of that pest.
Porky17.mp3Here boy! Here Rover, here Prince, here Fido. Oh, not you, you mutt.
Porky18.mp3That's that! Got rid of him at last.
Porky19.mp3There, that's better. Chin up, that's a good boy.
Porky20.mp3You cut that out. Now beat it you mongrel.
Porky21.mp3Here you are, you pathetic, sallow creature, you.
Porky22.mp3Why you poor old unsanitary, underpriviledged mongrel, you.
Porky23.mp3Come on, Charley boy, let's have fun.
Porky24.mp3Porky becomes a dog.
Porky25.mp3If there's one thing I don't need its a t-t-terrier a s-s-set, a d-d-dober, a dog.
Porky26.mp3Oh I don't know how I could have doubted you. Should we spend the gold all in one place?
Porky27.mp3A loaf of bread, a bottle of milk and come home right away. A loaf of milk and a bottle of bread and come home right away.
Porky28.mp3I'll knock his block off. I'll bat him for a home run.
Porky29.mp3So that's what's happening around here..termites!

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Thats All Folks Mp3

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