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On the 18th of November 2008 the world was cursed with “The Little Panda Fighter“, an animated movie which is so bad that it makes Foodfight look good. Ladies and gentleman I present to you, the trailer to one of the worst animated movies I have ever had the pain of watching.

  1. The Little Panda Fighter (titled Ursinho da Pesada in Brazil and previously titled Heavy's Little Bear) is a 2008 Brazilian direct-to-videocomputer-animatedsportsactioncomedy film directed by Michelle Gabriel. The film has drawn criticism as a mockbuster of the DreamWorks Animation film Kung Fu Panda.
  2. 1 Bio 2 The Little Panda Fighter 3 Events After The Little Panda Fighter 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Master Xin is a gay fucktard in The Little Panda Fighter he is the antagonist. Born: 1948 Bearville, Bear County Nationality: English, Asian Master Xin (Master Shifu rip-off) was Pancada's dance instructor from 2001 to 2008, In the late 1990s he was arrested for sexually assuauting children.

To begin with the title to this movie is extremely misleading because for one he is not little, he is a fully grown panda. It even states at the start of the trailer that he is a “big clumsy bear”. Also, he isn’t much of a fighter as he only has one fight scene throughout the entire movie, where he inevitably gets wrecked.

The Little Panda Fighter: Directed by Michelle Gabriel. With Raul Schlosser, Sidney Ross, Claudia Victoria, Charlie Mambertt. A giant panda sets his heart on becoming a professional dancer. The Little Panda Fighter. The Little Panda Fighter (titled Ursinho da Pesada in Brazil and previously titled Heavy's Little Bear) is a 2008 Brazilian direct-to-video computer-animated sports action comedy film directed by Michelle Gabriel. The film has drawn criticism as a mockbuster of the DreamWorks Animation film Kung Fu Panda.

The animation is truly lazy, you can tell that the animators put in minimum effort so it could be released around the same time as Dreamworks, “Kung Fu Panda“. If you go onto it’s IMDB page the first thing in its description is literally “Video Brinquedo brings us a cheap rip-off of Kung Fu Panda”. Also, on it says (NOT KUNG FU PANDA) in the DVD title. Just comes to show how many people have genuinely been confused by this.

Every single character within the movie talks so fast that my brain barely had enough time to comprehend what they were actually saying. It is obvious that the movie is dubbed and perhaps the voice actors were trying to match the speed of which the characters mouths were opening and closing.

Prepare yourself for an adventure as I take you briefly through this movies horrific plot. The movie is mostly based in the “Bear Bar Box” which is exactly what is says on the tin, it is indeed full of bears, it is also a bar and boxing does take place there. It follows a panda named Pancada who dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer. The owner of the bar ( Polaris) comes to the conclusion that he is losing customers due to Teddy Thunder winning every boxing match for the past two years. Polaris decides that the only way to get his customers back is to fight Teddy Thunder himself, in disguise. I know what you’re thinking “I thought Pancada was meant to be the fighter” well ladies and gentleman Pancada manages to shrink Polaris’ costume in the washing machine which results in him looking like a panda during the fight. Polaris wins the match but everyone thinks it was Pancada (due to the panda costume) and they start treating him like he is a superstar. Best way to install python on mac.

So much has happened at this stage as we approach the half way point, I did tell you it was going to be an adventure. Anyway, Pancada doesn’t feel as though he deserves the attention so asks Polaris if he can fight Teddy Thunder himself. We are then randomly greeted by a truly magical scene where Pancada does some cringy dance moves in front of some judges and then for no apparent reason ends it by performing a slow motion dive through some double doors into a black empy abyss (which I might add the judges have no reaction to).

We then find ourselves watching an embarrasing training montage which goes on for two minutes and features the same shot of Pancada running again and again. He then goes on to lose the fight and we discover that the owner put a bet on him losing and ends up leaving for antartica and leaves the bar to Pancada who turns it into a dance club. Oh no I’ve ruined the plot for you now you don’t have to go watch it yourself.

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Wait 'til you see the actual animation.

Ursinho da Pesada, known in English as The Little Panda Fighter, is a 2008 Brazilian Direct to Video film by Vídeo Brinquedo that is, to say the least, 'inspired' by Kung Fu Panda. A panda named Pancada works at a boxing club, but dreams of becoming a professional dancer. His boss, hoping to get back in the ring, fights a bear named Teddy Thunders, but due to an incident with the washing machine, everyone thinks he's Pancada. Now, Pancada is forced to fight in the ring for a battle that could determine the fate of the business.

See also Chop Kick Panda, another Kung Fu Panda knockoff.


This film provides examples of:

  • Batman Gambit: At the end of the movie, Polaris bets all of his money on Pancada losing to Teddy Thunders, and is able to hand the Bear Bar Box over to Pancada, who turns it into a dance club, while Polaris retires to the icy mountains.
  • Clark Kenting: Taken Up to Eleven. Polaris the polar bear manages to hide his identity by putting on a leotard and a bandit mask while fighting the current boxing champion Teddy Thunders, and when his disguise shrinks instead of being exposed everyone thinks he's Pancada the panda, even though they look completely different.
  • Covers Always Lie: The artwork on the cover looks much better than the film's actual animation. Plus, the scene showchased does not appear in the actual movie.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Pancada never had much of a chance against Teddy Thunders.
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  • Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: Averted. There are no kung-fu-fights, but boxing. And Pancada isn't very good at boxing, because he wants to be a dancer. The cover lies, as mentioned above, to get the attention of Kung Fu Panda-fans.
  • Karma Houdini: Polaris pretty much tricks everyone into giving him their money, and gets away with it.
  • Limited Animation: In one scene, Beth says, the boxing club is sold out, but no customer can be seen.
  • The Mockbuster: A pretty flagrant rip-off of Kung Fu Panda.
  • Never Trust a Title: The titular panda is not 'little', as he is one of the largest characters in the movie. Plus, he only fights for thirty seconds at the end of the movie, and he gets his ass kicked.
  • Non-Action Guy: Pancada would prefer to dance rather than fight.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: A bunch of people come up to Pancada and commend him on what they thought were his fighting skills and he thinks they're talking about his dancing audition, even though they were clearly not there watching. This is soon followed by another one between Pancada and Polaris, which is even more poorly constructed.
  • Panda-ing to the Audience: Pancada is a panda.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Beth serves no purpose in the story aside from being Pancada's Love Interest.
  • Shout-Out: One of the opponents is clearly an evil version of Tender Heart.

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Danny remarks the absurdity of the female bear in Little Panda Fighter having a human-esque figure.

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