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The Adventures of Patty Cat and Kittle

  1. The Shy Little Kitten PDF Free Download
  2. Shy Kittens In New Homes

The Shy Little Kitten PDF Free Download

The shy little kitten lives in the old red barn with her mother and her five brothers and sisters. One day, mummy takes them outside and she meets a mole, a frog and a little puppy. This is a sweet story about her adventures on the farm, before she makes her way back to her mummy and siblings. When a mother cat leads her kittens into the barnyard sunshine, one kitten lingers behind and embarks on an adventure, meeting a variety of animals along the way Preschool-Kindergarten F & P text level E 'Adapted from the beloved Little Golden Book 'The shy little kitten, ' written by Cathleen Schurr and illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren.'

  • Author : Barbara a Cefalu
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 2019-07-24
  • Genre:
  • Pages : 110
  • ISBN 10 : 1977208231
Shy kittens in new homes GET BOOK

Shy Kittens In New Homes

The Adventures of Patty Cat and Kittle Book Description :

It rained pups and kittens in the Valley and that is how Angel, a beautiful long-haired cat, came to have two tiny kittens living with her at 112 Liver Lane. Naturally they are delightful kittens. However, some of the jealous neighbors are catty enough to make snide remarks such as 'Handsome is as handsome does' or 'Can't judge a book by its' cover.'. Hanging around the house is the feisty, critical Black widow spider, Miss Wilma Weaver, the grumpy resident of the upper right hand corner of the living room. Miss Weaver manages to have a new husband a day, who then disappears and the next husband arrives. Hmmmm. Fat Cat Chester, the big shy cat from next door is a good friend of the kittens as is Chester's friend, Susie. The four kittens have many adventures together including one with an out-of-planet space visitor. Two unemployed sheep dogs, Hal and Sam, fired for incompetence, romp through the village bringing chaos and anger as they bite and nip at others and even at each other. Kittle meets several Mr. Ants who don't take direction well as she tries to be the peacemaker among them. Mrs. Mockingbird's baby falls out of the nest and Kittle offers to rescue him. After overcoming skeptical Mrs. Mockingbird, she successfully rescues the small bird; with many thanks from both. But the worst disaster occurs when their terrible Cousin Fred comes to visit. He is so incorrigible, he has been sent on a visit to Angel and the kittens by his mother as she can do nothing with him. Cousin Fred is addicted to catnip, among other things, and it takes the combined efforts of both kittens and their mother, before Fred settles down. It is discovered that Fred has a talent for music through his enthusiastic banging on the piano so he is sent to music school where he becomes a reformed kitten and a very talented pianist. What is a story without a villain, and Mr. Billy-Bom-Tom-Cat, a really bad cat in the making, certainly fills the bill He skulks around waiting to lure any kitten he

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