Tomcat 8.5 Java 11


If you want to install Tomcat on Windows system as a service, you'll get the recommendation to use the 32-/64-Bit Windows Service Installer. If you want to install the Tomcat manually, it's fine. But you can't use this installer for an automatic installation and configuration of Tomcat, because the installer is UI-based. The next sections explain how you can install and configure Tomcat on a CMD.

  1. Tomcat 8.5 Java 11
  2. Apache Tomcat 8.5 Java 11
  3. Does Tomcat 8.5 Support Java 11

Version 8.5.11, Jan 10 2017. From a Java program as an embedded server. Read Find Help page and ask your question on the tomcat-users mailing list. The Apache Tomcat startup scripts do this for you, but if you are using different tools to run Tomcat (such as jsvc, or running Tomcat from within an IDE), you should take care of them by yourself. More details about java.util.logging may be found in the documentation for your JDK and on its Javadoc pages for the java.util.logging package. This allows Tomcat 8.5 to use the newer Checkstyle releases while still building with Java 7. (markt) 63285: Add an option to service.bat so that when installing a Windows service, the name of the executables used by the Windows service may be changed to match the service name. Version 8.5.11, Jan 10. Tomcat8w is a GUI application for monitoring and configuring Tomcat. It is used only for StartMode java or exe and enables. Apache Tomcat is an open source implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies Pull rate limits for certain users are being introduced to Docker Hub starting November 2nd.

Tomcat 8.5 Java 11
  1. Download from the Apache Tomcat 8.5 download page the Core 64-bit Windows zip (or the 32-Bit zip).
  2. Unzip it (for example to C:tomcat)

That's it. Now we have a ready-to-use Tomcat with default configuration values. But it isn't install as a service.

  1. Go to the bin folder in the installation folder of Tomcat (in the example it's C:tomcatapache-tomcat-8.5.11bin)
  2. Install Tomcat as service named tomcat8 by calling service.bat install <servicename>
  1. tomcat8.exe //US//<servicename> followed by configuration parameter configures the Tomcat service. For example:
  1. Start the Tomcat service with net start <servicename>
  1. You can check on http://localhost:8080 whether Tomcat is installed correctly.

The configuration example (step 3) shows how to configure the JVM (heap space, Java option etc.), where Java is installed and which start type should use for the service. The full list of the possible configuration parameter for the Tomcat service can be found in the Apache Tomcat's Windows Service documentation. Now we have everything together for writing a Powershell script that does these steps automatically.

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The latest App Service releases included new Java, Tomcat and JBoss EAP versions.

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Tomcat 8.5 Java 11


  • New Tomcat versions
    • 9.0.38
    • 8.5.58
  • New Java versions
    • 11.0.8
    • 8.0.265
    • 7.0.272

Eclipse Foundation has deprecated Jetty 9.1 and 9.3 (source), so these runtimes are no longer shown on the Portal. You can still create sites with these versions. Tomcat 8.0 has reached End-Of-Life and will also be hidden in an upcoming Portal update. Web apps using these outdated runtimes will continue to run, but using the latest versions ensures that your apps are running on the most secure and performant runtimes.


Apache Tomcat 8.5 Java 11

  • JBoss EAP is now available with Java 11
    • JBoss EAP now has an “auto-update” option. This option currently uses JBoss 7.2 but will automatically use the latest JBoss versions as they are added.
  • New Java versions
    • 8u252
    • 11.0.7
  • New Tomcat versions
    • 9.0.37
    • 8.5.57

How to upgrade your Java or Tomcat version

Does Tomcat 8.5 Support Java 11


To upgrade your Java or Tomcat version, open the Azure Portal to your web app and open the Configuration blade. Under the General settings tab you can select a new Java and Tomcat version using the dropdowns for Java minor version and Java web server version.