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Typing Car Rider, kids get behind the wheel of a police cruiser, and after choosing a location and a skill-set to test, they begin racing through the streets of typopolis. Using constantly changing key combinations to move to the left and the right to avoid obstacles like other cars, and to collect coins, this game requires a close eye and works to improve typing speed and reaction time. Chameleon Game Extreme Typing Fast Typer 2 Foggies Godzilla Hardest Typing Key Master 2 Meteor Game NFL Typing Numbers Olympic Games Snow Typer Soccer Typing Spelling & Typing Games Trees Type For Your Life Type Hero Type Racer Typing Arachnoid Typing Asteroids II Typing Bean.

Race your friends and test drive your new gaming keyboard speed by typing racing! TypeRush typing game adapts to the needs of individual typers. Players are effectively trained in the efficient writing to produce error-free text using a keyboard. This typing web site includes tons of fun educative facts and players also learn how to press numbers and special marks. Users can easily track their progress on statistics page and monitor their speed, accuracy and difficult keys.
To make the competitive learning more exciting for the school typing club members, it is important that the rewards based on their typing skills learning progression have variety. To create variety, the player can earn boats, in-game money and different type cars as competitive rewards. Also, money as a reward between the boat and car rewards, can motivate the user to progress to the next milestone and get the next reward.
Players can invite their friends through their preferred communication channels. To ensure the users can invite as many potential friends as possible to their club for typing together, we provide multiple sharing channels to invite friends (Facebook, Twitter and email).

Typing Game Chameleon

Race your friends

To motivate the classroom to learn together, the rewards are interesting and unique motivational element. The benefits and required typing tasks will be clearly introduced to the students in the achievements page. When the students visit the My friends view, they see the total amount of friends and their profile information. Furthermore, the page includes a Friendly Milestones Road showing the increasing rewards based on the social activity.

Typing Game Chameleons

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Typing Game Chameleon Free

Do you type nitro fast?

Stay tuned for updates! Our team has loads of ideas in-store and new features and improvements will be added every couple of weeks. Basic comics.

How to type faster by playing a speed race typing game?

Do you need a fun way to practice typing or spelling? Make your fingers move faster by playing racing typing game! TypingGames.Zone game site has more than 131 free online typing games.
The most popular multiplayer typing race games include Nitro Typing Racer, Type Race, Ninja Type Fight, HexType, KeyBall, KeyBricks, Dance Mat, Mavis Tomb, Keyboard Builder etc. Learn Fun Facts! Did you know that the quickest accelerating auto racing cars are using Liquid Nitrogen type fuel? Also nitrous oxide is sometimes injected into the intake manifold to increase power!
Type Rush racer game has proven to be effective for learning how to type faster and more accurately. Students are challenged more and more at just the right times and rewarded upon completion. The idea of completing a challenge in exchange for a reward is a great learning experience for keyboarding and spelling students.
Improve your productivity and writing skills! Nowadays many employers are requiring candidates to be able to type at least a minimum of 35 wpm just for the sake of productivity. There are a variety of reasons that employers are looking for people with above average keyboarding skills. There are many important benefits that honing keyboard skills can give you. It is not just about making yourself attractive to potential employers, learning a core IT skill such as effective touch typing can help you get ahead in a number of ways.

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