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VIEW THE RESULTS HERE: Link to the Google Sheets
CHECK OUT THE PLAYLIST: Link to the Youtube Playlist

Game Undertale play online for free. Schmooze. If you enjoy fairy tale stories with an adult coloring, this indie RPG is just what you’ve been looking for. Here you are about to play as a human child who finds himself in a banished world of monsters. Long ago, they were exiled from the earth surface after a thunderous defeat in a war with people.

2 months and 1246 votes later and the results for the Smash Bros. Music Fan Ballot are ready!
A while ago I asked to hear what songs you all wanted to see added to Smash Bros, and the response was insane. Thank you to everyone who participated in that, it was a really fun project to take on and I'm proud of the results.
FanIncluded is a Youtube playlist with every song that received >1 vote, in order of how many votes they got. These are just the original versions of the songs, even if the song in question had a high % asking for a remix.
Maybe some day these results can be combined into a whole album like that Smash Anthology project? Smash Fanthology project maybe?? And it includes remixes from talented people in the community??? I wouldn't be able to do anything like that myself, so I guess I'm just dreaming.
Below are a few notes I took on the process, it might answer some questions you have:
Multiple submissions was encouraged and people clearly took advantage of that. No issues there, but I did notice cases where it seems like someone copy-pasted their votes multiple times. Whether it was bad memory, network issues, or deliberate ballot-stuffing, I didn't feel it right to count all of the votes in cases where this was obvious. Especially when 49 consecutive votes for 'I Am.. All of Me' would have radically changed the final results. In cases like this, I counted the first vote and removed the rest from the edited sheet. I'm sure some people still got two in for their favorite song, but I simply tried to make the results as fair as possible.
In addition: many votes were edited to fit a cleaner format. For the sake of transparency, I have included the unedited vote sheet as originally submitted as well as my edited version.
Edits include:
  • Basic spelling/punctuation changes.
  • Adding title of game to the end of generic songs.
    • Ex. 'Title Theme' became 'Title Theme (Yoshi's Island)'
  • Titles of songs/games with regional differences to be under one name (usually the NA version).
  • Remix requests with multiple games were edited to be the first appearance of the song.
    • This one's hard to explain, but for example 'Masked Dedede Battle' in Kirby Super Star Ultra and 'Masked Dedede' in Kirby Triple Deluxe are different arrangements of the same song. Anyone who voted for a remix of the Triple Deluxe version had it changed to the Super Star Ultra version while votes for the original Triple Deluxe were kept as-is. This might have messed up a few remix percentages but I feel this is the most accurate way I could have portrayed the results.
  • Songs that don't appear in-game but instead in a trailer/album were listed under their game of association. (Kind of like how the BOTW Trailer song is in Ultimate).
  • Wii Fit + Mii series were combined into Wii/Mii. Also included Wii Sports and any other related series. It's debatable if these should be considered the same series or not; since both had so few votes it shouldn't really matter in the context of this ballot. I did the same to Undertale and Deltarune.
  • Certain Xenoblade Chronicles X songs are so atrociously named that Google Sheets did not recognize their names as data. They've been slightly simplified.
  • Considered removing joke answers but figured they give the process more 'character'. Side note, the only one to make me laugh was 'Environmental Noises (Polar Edition)'. The rest of you aren't funny.
  • Songs from Pokemon were listed as the group of games they were from regardless of which version they actually are in. Ex. a song exclusive to Crystal will still be listed as Gold/Silver/Crystal for the sake of consistency.
  • Xeno and SMT series were shortened from what was presented on the form. Makes no functional difference but easier to fit into boxes on a spreadsheet.
I'm sure that, despite my best efforts, some songs are still listed under multiple/incorrect names. If you notice any errors, please message me about them and I will fix them.

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That about wraps it up. This is definitely the most time I've put into something like this, so I hope you all enjoy it. Again if you notice any mistakes, then tell me and I will fix them.