Unzoom Outlook


To set up zoom, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Accessibility. Click Zoom in the sidebar, then select any of these zoom features:

Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom

After selecting ”Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom,” you can use these key combinations to zoom:

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Zoom In on Your Mac Using a Keyboard Shortcut. The easiest way to zoom in and out on your Mac. Step 1: Open a new message window with following ways: A. In Outlook 2010 and higher version, creating a new email message with clicking the New button on the Home tab; B. In Outlook 2007, clicking the File New Mail Message. Step 2: Click the Zoom button on the Message tab (or Format Text tab in Outlook. Thanks for the answers, but it's not the text that is too large, it is the whole screen. It got frozen in the large zoom position, so that I can't scroll to the right to get to reply, settings and elevator or to the bottom to choose font, attach, etc. Or the send button.

Zoom in

To zoom in, press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Equals sign (=).

Zoom out

Unzoom Outlook

To zoom out, press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Minus sign (-).

Toggle zoom

How To Unzoom Outlook Text

To switch between no zoom and your last amount of zoom, press these three keys together: Option, Command, and 8.


Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom

After selecting ”Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom,” you can press and hold the Control key while scrolling with your mouse or trackpad to zoom. Use the ”Zoom style” menu to choose from three zoom styles: full screen, split screen, or picture-in-picture.


Enable Hover Text

How To Unzoom Outlook 365

After selecting ”Enable Hover Text,” you can press and hold the Command key, then move your pointer over an item to display a larger, high-resolution version of that item.

Use the Options button in the Zoom pane to set the size, font, location, and color of this text. Learn more about Hover Text.

Outlook Unzoom Text

Enable Touch Bar zoom

After selecting ”Enable Touch Bar zoom,” you can touch and hold the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro to display a larger version of the Touch Bar onscreen. Learn more about Touch Bar zoom.

How To Unzoom Outlook Email

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Outlook Text Size Zoom

  • Learn more about how to make it easier to see what's on the screen of your Mac.
  • Many apps have their own keyboard shortcuts or other features for zooming or making content bigger. For example, learn how to zoom in on webpages in Safari.