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Stop Sending Your Jobs Out and Add Profit to your Bottom Line

The X-16 and the X-33 cannot be beat. Large flatbed UV printers require huge amounts of floor space in modern print shops. But now, Xante is proud to introduce our new line of UV printers. Compact and powerful, the X-16 and X-33 are designed to output signage, graphics, and specialty items on virtually any media without those prohibitive demands on the shop’s floor plan. These printers pack all the profitability of a large flatbed into the space of a tabletop device! Five ways to print intense, brilliant, pure white: Flood, White Active Pixels, White Inactive Pixels, White Spot Color, or No White.

Print variable data and sequentially numbered items with independent color control. Build depth with layers of fast-drying, UV-cured ink. Create impressive displays that grab attention or communicate important information in braille. This process is fast and renders strong, durable results.

X-16 Flatbed UV Printer

  • Print on virtually any media
  • Single LED Lamp for Instant Ink Curing
    CMYK + WW
  • Prints up to 18”x24” (45.72 x 60.96cm)
  • Print on media up to 7.75 inches (19.69cm) tall
  • Resolution up to 2880 DPI

True Adobe® PostScript® is at the core of iQueue and it’s packed with advanced imaging features. IQueue could not be easier to use. With beautiful spot color matching, fast variable data, full imposition, and so much more, iQueue Workflow keeps your jobs on the shop floor and out the door. IQueue workflow software includes a site license which means you have unlimited installs for all the. Additionally, new and improved user friendliness makes iQueue, the easiest to use workflow software, even easier. With iQueue, users have the option to use iQueue’s powerful color controls, imposition, and other features on Xante print systems.

Xante Iqueue Software

X-33 Flatbed UV Printer

  • Print on virtually any media
  • Dual LED Lamps for Instant Ink Curing
  • Image area up to 36”x24” (91.44cm x 60.96cm)
  • Print on media up to 6 inches (15.24cm) tall
  • Resolution up to 2880 DPI

Xante X-16 & X-33 Draws Big Crowds at Print Expo

The X-16 and X-33 UV Printers are designed to meet the needs of commercial and in-plant operations which are seeking economical and compact solutions for printing on the widest range of substrates possible. “Xante’ recognizes the demands placed on today’s commercial print providers for more efficient and varied printing capabilities. Our new flatbed UV printers, the X’s, give them the ability to deliver unique printed materials with amazing quality, easily and quickly, and of course as with all Xante’ Products the X’s are driven with our iQueue Adobe Postscript PDF Workflow.” said Robert Ross, President and CEO of Xante’.

PRINT attendees were amazed at the printers’ compact profile that fits comfortably in any shop. The X’s include simultaneous printing with white ink and CMYK inks allowing the ability to print on the widest range of substrates including acrylic, metal, glass, ceramics and so much more. Adjustable height print heads for both models accommodate substrates up to 6” tall. The X-33 printer features a 24” x 36” bed with vacuum suction to hold substrates stable during printing. The X-16 features a compact 18” x 24” bed. Both printers deliver high-quality, full-color printing at up to 1440 dpi resolution.

Xante Iqueue Software Price

The X’s are powered by iQueue, Xante’s Adobe® PostScript® 3 PDF-based workflow software which powers the entire line of Xante’ innovative products. From independent CMYK ink control, to color profile management, to variable data printing, to integrated white ink control without modifying the original file, iQueue workflow software is the easiest to learn full-featured workflow software available to commercial print providers. Included at no charge with every Xante’ printer, iQueue enables seamless preparation of print jobs including one-click multi-up imposition, variable serial numbering, and barcode creation from sixteen different barcode symbologies. Full USPS-approved address presorting with iQueue Mail, included with iQueue for free, allows print providers to prepare and print ready-to-mail items on the X-16 or X-33 for their bulk mailing customers.

Xante Iqueue Software Reviews

The X-16 and X-33 UV printers join the X-32 Industrial UV Printer in the line of dependable UV printing solutions from Xante’. “The desirability of UV printing among commercial print providers and in-plants is increasing every year,” said Mark Priede, Xante’ Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “These new products extend the reach of Xante’ in this market and provide our customers with an excellent variety of solutions from which to choose. The enthusiasm shown by everyone who visited our booth at PRINT proves that the X-16 and X33 will be a hit for print providers.”

Xante Laser Printers

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