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The XBMC Hub Wizard is used for installing a wide range of kodi add-ons. This will make you easy access to the wizard navigation. In the KODI official repository, this add-on is not the main part and it is not supported by KODI team. This add-on is supported by Fusion Team. So if you need any help for installing the add-on or any issues related to installation, Please get the support from Fusion Team or even drop a comment below so that we can help you fix the issues. You can’t get help from the KODI team.

Kodi is an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media. With its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, it's available for Android, BSD, Linux, macOS, iOS and Windows.

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How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard for Kodi v17 Krypton?

A wizard is a collection of builds, skins, and addons with some extra features and settings for enhanced Kodi experience. We have lined up some of the best Kodi wizards in 2021 for users relative to the mostly used platforms. Ever hosed your XBMC configuration and wished you'd had a backup? Now you can with one easy click. You can export your database, playlist, thumbnails, addons and other configuration details to any source writeable by XBMC or directly to Dropbox cloud storage. Backups can be run on demand or via a scheduler. Cloud API HTTP and WebSocket API. Benchmark; Wizard; Download. Installing XBMC on your iOS devices is as simple as it gets, but getting XBMC set up correctly, and effectively, is a process that can take the better part of a year to learn, understand, and master. That is, until the release of the new XBMC HUB Wizard. PRE-INSTALLED IN XBMC WIZARD: Layout Changes. Custom XBMC HUB App Icon.

This procedure is taken for the Krypton version feature only.

  • Open the Kodi.
  • In home screen folder icon, double click.
  • File Manager is the next step.
  • Double click on Add source heading in the list by scroll down the list.
  • Please find the pop up which says file source.
  • Enter the highlighted line that says <None>.
  • The web address is redirected to the next window.
  • Enter the address http://fusion.tvaddons.ag.
  • Enter done button.
  • We need to enter the name of the add-on.
  • Proceed the name with fusion.
  • We can enter any name.
  • To add the file, enter OK button.
  • Select add-ons by returning to the home screen. You can see the opened box icon. An arrow painting is inside the icon placed.
  • Please click on it. In the add-on browser screen, Kindly select Install from zipping file.
  • Enter fusion.
  • Choose Start here and plugin.video.hubwizard-x.x.x.zip.
  • The notification message will arrive.
  • User-friendly to home and navigate into Add-Ons and then Programs
  • Then Config Wizard and select the step whichever you are using.

We need to follow the below steps for the Krypton (v17) version.

How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard for Kodi v16 Jarvis

This procedure the host of the website for the Jarvis version feature only.

  • Open Kodi Jarvis (v16.1)
  • Navigate to the System menu under the main screen
  • Click the File manager as a subcategory.
  • Select Add source.
  • Select the box that says <None>,
  • Enter http://fusion.tvaddons.ag,
  • Select Done.
  • Enter any name as your wish.
  • Hit ok as long as you know about the existing screen procedures.
  • high to the home screen, and click on the System heading.
  • Select add-ons and select the option which says Install from zipping file.
  • Choose fusion
  • Start and plugin.video.hubwizard-x.x.x.zip.
  • Please hold for some time
  • You will receive notification message once it is completed.
  • claim to the home screen.
  • Navigate into Programs
  • Config wizard

XBMC has name changed into Kodi, and XBMC Hub is declared as TV Add-ons.

XBMC has the name changed into Kodi because it is growth potential was limited by the name fact. They can’t trademark the name since it is stood for Xbox Media Center. This name was heavily misused on the internet and it is associated with piracy. So they couldn’t add the name KODI in the TCV Add-on sites since it is unofficial to add the name respectively.


TV add-ons start from the scratch says that every guide has some newbie things in their mind and it is redesigned the approach with add-ons usage for KODI. They can make simpler setup and it is highly suggested to take the reinstallation opportunity. This makes the add-on much simpler and ease of use.

TV add-ons claim the content sharing with their competitors and then XBMC is designed to support the third party app which his highly user-friendly for all the installations. These add-ons are have used for conversion like web accessible content to video demand system. It is easy to navigate home multi purposes. So we can browse sites like YouTube from freestyle menu and it is used instead of web browser.

Some third-party developers have created add-on which is used for video streaming videos. The community is ownership and preowned since many developers have created interface plugins with many languages supported.


Layout Changes

Xbmc wizard for android

App Icon of Custom XBMC HUB

Splash Screen of Custom Wizard Edition

HUB Backgrounds of Custom XBMC


Pre-Configured Add-on

View of Preset Thumbnail

System Tweaks

Fix on live streaming video.

Tweaks in the remote

Fix on Streaming video.

XML Tweaks advanced

Audio Output Changes in settings

Pre-Configured Fusion Installer

Options on Parental Control

Xbmc Wizard For Android

Weather Preset

XBMC is best bits streaming we can get now and it is easy to store any kind of things in the local storage via an internet. There are many KODI addons available in the market. Some of the best movie add-ons are available as part of KODI.

La casa de los espíritus pdf free download. We can install Kodi add-on that we like to maintain the KODI in a maintenance and good support way using the Indigo tool. This will make you browse through the different device and some other cools stuff. It can be clarified in the blogs for any assistance. This is used for maintenance support.

Xbmc Hub Wizard Download

Kodi add-ons used to work by scraping content which is used for many sources based on the availability. So KODI developers don’t have access to source the content when they are scraping the things and it is made to limited things in future.

Xbmc Wizard Hub Download For Mac

Kodi add-ons are used for distribution content and hence it is used as online web source. This will be handled by the content scrap things which are used for web based things in near future. The online streaming videos can be scraped by the content available in the web based things. This will take from the break of the side and hence it is highly used for all the web contents available in the market. This will makes the KODI in a high support for web-based content.