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Corporate Profile

YS Ships is a trusted partner in the maritime industry. Our dynamic and experienced team are known for their proactive approach towards client’s need and requirements. We are committed to provide highest levels of satisfaction to our customers with particular emphasis on the safety of the ship, cargo, crew and the environment.

YSFlight Multiplayer Servers. Welcome to the server list! Click the checkboxes below to toggle the columns shown. Hover over the server name to see which version of YSFlight it is using, and click it for more info about the server. Visit YSFlight Headquarters if you need help or want to join the largest YSFlight community. Enjoy flying online! (YSB Departures) Track the current status of flights departing from (YSB) Sudbury Airport using FlightStats flight tracker. It’ll be six weeks this week since I had a full pec major tear on my left pec and making the decision to not get surgery. When it happened I was on week 11/12 of a deadlift cycle with a goal of hitting a 600+ deadlift. MAPS FOR MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR. Beech River Regional (KPVE) for MSFS 2004 Beech River Regional (KPVE) For MSFS X. This is a simple addon with runways, taxiways, buildings, and a traffic file. It isn't perfect, but it should be close enough.

Mission and Vision

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We believe leadership through services and strive to be a leading ship chartering and ship management company in the global markets, committed to its values and focused on its vision.

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To be the safe, reliable, high quality and efficient transportation provider of choice to the shipping industry.


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Generate value for our business partners and to establish ourselves as a trusted brand in the shipping industry.

Our Values

YS Ships is guided by the company’s core values. Our values are reflected in everything we do and integrated part of conducting our business. We strive for excellence for our professional and personal development, as well as for the benefit and satisfaction of our clients.

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  • Our people always go beyond what is expected, providing value-added solutions that drive business growth.
  • We believe and take pride in what we do, offering and guide our clients towards shared success.
  • Through our practical knowledge and first-hand experience in the industry, we can contribute greatly to our clients’ business.