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Good news here! 2018 new ZXW Dongle V2.6 is released, and the latest ZXW 2.6 version downloading software is here! The ZXW V2.6 comes with many new functions and more convenient operating system,so you can check iPhone schematic diagram or other cell phone bitmap more easier. If you are using ZXW Dongle, then ZXW V2.6 version will help you a lot.

What’s the new functions and how to use them? Take iPhone X Qualcomm version as the display interface.

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1. File menu list (left side)

On the left is the file menu list, right-click on the corresponding model to expand all child nodes of the current node.

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  3. ZXW手机维修图纸支持机型列表 — 保持更新. MicroFish软件支持原理图列表 — 保持更新.

As we know, we need to use the mouse one-click query in the previous version. However, for new ZXW 2.6 version, we can right-click on the ZXW model that needs to be browsed, all the file lists on the model will be opened for selection, and you can click the right button to close the list page, the left mouse button will keep the original version.

2. 10 languages

ZXW v2.6 has 10 languages, they were English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian and Portuguese, the users can choose different languages according to their needs.

3. IC Anchor Point, Welding Direction Physical Map (shortcut key T)

If the ZXW model has a physical map display, there will be a selection box of the component physical map on the left side after opening the corresponding model. You can see the physical map display of the model after selecting “√ “in the box.

After double-clicking the physical map, the component will enter the maintenance mode. When the component is removed, the pad can be illuminated and queried.

4. Motherboard layer internal routing function

Routing within the mainboard layer, which is convenient for excavating the broken line and repair it at the most suitable position after the layer is disconnected.

Select the relevant model. If there is internal routing function, the following selection function will be displayed in the left list. Select the 1-N line from the top to the bottom on the left side. The same line is as same as the selected pad will be displayed in red. Closing the surface routing and hiding all pads can be more intuitive. Closing the corresponding layers can eventually lock where the pad line routing and the actual lines are in the inner layers. This function is very practical for iPhone motherboard break repair, industry first!

When using this function, it is recommended to close the following three items in the right function list.

1. Display component item number
2. Component tool tip
3. Display component frame
First light the target pad, and then close the left component physical map

5. Some common shortcut key and utility options on the right side

Some of the most common shortcut keys and utility options are added to the right side.

Automatically display the NC (shortcut N) , display a light blue NC after clicking

Automatically display the ground (shortcut G), GND display in gray after clicking

ZXW is as same as the previous style after the above two methods are canceled. After selecting the function, NC and GND cannot be lit.

6. Intuitive display of circuit relations

Selecting and querying the highlight iPad on the right side, the corresponding component will appear phantom, and the pad will appear above the component to visually show the circuit relationship.

How did he begin his training? The apprentice online.

7. Notes feature

Chinese comment function of components. Enlarge and query after selecting the function menu on the left, click the pad, there will be pad or network function annotations on the mouse (component function annotations) and the lower right status bar.

It is easy to judge the function of this pad when repairing. This explanation only represents the ZXW team. If there appear any errors, please ignore this function.

8. Resistance Function

Resistance will be continually tested and gradually added after the V2.6 is stable, and it will be continually popularized on other models

9. ZXW bitmap and PDF Precision Interworking 2.0 Mode

Click the Chinese or English schematic in the left list. You can also click the pad on the ZXW file or component; send schematic by right-click, inquiry and you will open the BlackFish function

Turn on the schematic interworking function to synchronize the ZXW point and the schematic. If you do not need to interwork, please remove the tick.

When selecting the interworking arbitrary schematic, Black Fish PDF browser can select a local PDF or other ZXW to browse which has no connection with the current point, or select the interworking query mode which is interlocking with the point, but does not support precision interworking, but the interlocking query mode of the conventional software.

Black Fish mouse wheel is changed to zoom in and out, H is the dragging shortcut of hand pattern, change the page number, you can zoom out and drag by hand pattern, or click the page bar arrow blow the Black Fish to select directly the page number.
Precision interworking as follows

Click on the point component or IC pad, BlackFish schematic will find the pad or component precisely

Select the target pad and press the shortcut key K to precisely position the pad for the Black Fish PDF. The bit number is shortcut key J and the network name is L.

Select the IC or component pin on the schematic, press J to send it to the ZXW point and indicate the relevant pad position.

The mode of network name query

Select the network name (shortcut key L)

That is okay when the point says “query successes”
Press the upper and lower pads on the right function bar to query the pad associated with this network, and the AB surface switches.

Precision interworking mode has reached 2.0 mode, the ZXW team pioneered

10. Chinese network Query

You can search for Chinese keywords according to your needs, or query by list, lock precisely data such as control signals power bus, etc.

You can check more functions can be selected by right clicking on the button or selected in the top, left or right menus.

Pic 11

11. Local PDF

Zxw tool english

Open the BlackFish program, when the file is open in the list, you can choose the local PDF

Choose arbitrary schematic.

Otherwise, you will be prompted to open the ZXW corresponding file query, select the local file. It only supports the conventional fuzzy interworking, and does not support 2.0 precision interworking.

The ZXW Dongle supports iPhone / samsung / HTC / LG / iPad, it is a professional phone fix tools.

The ZXW V2.6 software download link:

Today we came across this 100% free alternative to Zillion X Works ZXWTool.

This tool has been created by Guido Pola and we think the guys over at UnionRepair have some help in this, we have had a play around with it and it will be a strong contender to ZXWTool. This is likely due in part to this tool using board files that look as if they have been ripped directly from the latest ZXWTool .

You can load your own .brd files or use the ones provided free with the software.

Here we have a side by side shot of both ZXW Tool and PhoneBoard software.

We’ve loaded up the iPad Mini 4 board view file that is provided by each respective program. As you can see both board files have the same, I guess you could say errors? Both are missing Net Names (so no search functions) and the only other major difference is the ZXW version has the ground tabs for the main RF shielding, whilst the PhoneBoard software has the correct shape ground tabs for the flex covers around the Power switch FPC.

Zxw Tool English

We doubt they are a direct rip, alternatively they are most likely from the same source. The magic Apple schematic shop in Russia the sky.

As far as supported models go ZXW is the winner… HOWEVER, seeing as PhoneBoard is backed by UnionRepair and is free (so higher adoption rate), we feel that PhoneBoard will overtake ZXW in a matter of months!

Readers may be un-surprised to know that PhoneBoard, unlike ZXW, does not come with schematics. We think this has to do with Apple and their lawyers.

Zxw Tool Dongle

PhoneBoard has a much more intuitive user interface compared to ZXW, it feels more modern. However, again there are some shortcomings, namely we only have a small handful of options, no rightclick menu and no hot keys!

BOTH software packages lose a few brownie points for the complete inability to breakout windows. Most people only use one monitor but on a setup like ours (we use three), being able to arrange windows and save the workspace would be an awesome feature! You could have a schematic on one screen, the board view on another and other shop stuff open on the third.

One (or really two) other great feature(s) of ZXW that would be super awesome to have in PhoneBoard, is the “Solutions” table and the “remarks” function.

We feel if PhoneBoard had a community like solutions sharing option it would make it the best board view program available.

Final Thoughts?

PhoneBoard has the potential to be industry changing but needs improvement, here are our suggestions.

  • Add user solutions and comment section, this could even be boosted by offering a ‘gold’ style system, where users can tip solutions creators via the program ($1 or $2 donations, PhoneBoard could maybe take a tiny cut?) This isn’t just for solutions but also for say Diode measurements


  • HOT KEYS, Please add hot key support


  • ADS, yes ads. one small ad square or even a startup safe for work ad as part of the splash screen.

Zxw Tool Free


  • Add more options for advanced users, a right click menu, allow a custom save-able workspace (windows stay in arranged position, like Adobe Premier Pro)


Zxw Tools Dongle

  • Add part numbers, photos and shop links as a right click option. Say Right click on J2401 on an iPhone 6 PCB, it could show a photo and a purchase link sending you to Union Repairs site. (some popular PCB design software does this!)

PhoneBoard is a free software, however, if you are a repair business and you use the software to make money, please support their work (more info below).

Zxw Tool Crack Download Free

You can download PhoneBoard for free here: